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Go To War

Are you TRULY the best version of who you could be?? The answer is either “yes” or “no.” Most people (if they were to tell themselves the REAL truth) would say no. Jon Paramore is a man who is teaching the art and mindset of what it TRULY means to “GO TO WAR” with yourself in order to become the VERY best version of who you truly are. Not just in your health and fitness, but in your relationships, your spirituality, and most of all, with yourself. This “GTW” mindset is exactly what Jon used to build all of his companies and is what his clients are currently using to build their empires as well. The GTW Podcast covers everything impacting entrepreneurs in today’s world and what it takes to avoid falling into the common pitfalls of complacency. Jon also talks about LIFE and what it takes to live in a way that most people avoid through sedation and avoidance. Learn what it takes to LIVE the GO TO WAR lifestyle and become the person you know you are, deep down inside.

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