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The Superwoman Code

Welcome to The Superwoman Code, the place to be to cozy up, cultivate some calm and breathe some life back into your hormones, and your health. I spend my days working with busy women to help them understand their hormones, recover from (and prevent) burnout, and break the mold of what it means to live a life you truly love. And I believe that we can each be our own Superwoman, hormones and all. Why? Because I believe that our health can work for us. Every day. Even on the “bad days”, and I want you to feel like you can finally take a breath in this world, slow down (while technically speeding up), and live your life the way you want to. Featured in The Globe and Mail, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Shondaland and more, The Superwoman Code is a podcast that makes healthy living truly accessible to everyone.

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