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The Teen Mind

David Washburn is 17 and his life is unraveling. Sheila, his mom, is desperate to find out: What is happening to her son, and what can she do to help? The Teen Mind hunts for answers and gives practical advice for Sheila and for parents who are worried about their teens. Not a parent? Don’t worry. This show is for anyone who is curious about how the mind works, and how to get along better with those closest to you.

info_outline 6 - Loosen Your Grip 05/23/2016
info_outline 5 - No One Will Ever Love Me 05/08/2016
info_outline 4 - A Part of Me 04/18/2016
info_outline 3 - Why Does My Son Have Anxiety? 04/03/2016
info_outline 2 - My Son has Anxiety 03/20/2016
info_outline 1 - I'm Worried about My Son 03/07/2016