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The Watering Mouth Podcast

HI! I’m Cheri Alberts, a professional certified life and weight coach and nutrition expert following the Eat to Live Nutritarian way of eating created by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD. I lost over 60 pounds eating this way and have kept it off for years…and I help clients do the same thing in their own lives using my super effective tools, teachings and techniques. I teach folks using healthy eating challenges, group coaching and private coaching as well as providing weekly YouTube videos and podcast episodes. You’ll never run out of content or help from me! It’s my mission to help you create the healthiest version of You possible…and help you believe what I already know: that you have the potential and capability to reach any health goal you set, all using the power of your own mind. Yes, even you! Yes, even for that goal. I will show you all my secrets. Follow along with me if you’d like to learn to eat healthier (no need to be a perfect Nutritarian!), lose the weight and love the process, for good.

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