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The Woof Life Show - A Podcast for Dog Lovers

The Woof Life is a podcast for dog lovers, by dog lovers.  Hosted by Lauren Farricker, founder of Woof Republic, the podcast covers dog products, businesses, inspirational stories, exclusive interviews, travel recommendations, petcare, entertainment, and more.  Subscribe, review, and tell your friends.  Thanks for listening, and hug your dog today!

info_outline Seeing with your Heart - A conversation with Joanne George the Dog Mom to Sunny and Smiley –who are both rescued blind pups turned therapy dogs 08/08/2019
info_outline Cool Treats for Dogs - Chatting with Matt & Meg Meyer of The Bear and the Rat 08/06/2019
info_outline Rescuing in Style - Chatting with Christine Nendick of Rescue in Style and Rescue Chicago 08/02/2019
info_outline From Rescue Pup to Surf Champion - Chatting with Cherie the Surf Dog @cheriethesurfdog 07/31/2019
info_outline Not all who wander are lost: Interview with Andrew Muse - Part 2 07/27/2019
info_outline Not all who wander are lost: Interview with Andrew Muse - Part 1 07/25/2019
info_outline The Puppy Bowl's Impact on Adoption - Featuring Dan Schachner - The Puppy Bowl Ref & Rescue Advocate 07/24/2019
info_outline Dogs Are Healers - Chatting about how @surfdogricochet changed a veteran's life 07/22/2019
info_outline All Dogs Have Superpowers - Conversations with Daniel Ferguson 07/16/2019
info_outline Meet My Dog - Conversations with @baileythehousehippo and @tworgis 07/15/2019
info_outline Interview with the Celebrity Dog Trainer Sara Carson of The Super Collies 07/10/2019
info_outline Christine Hilberg (Puka's Mom) & Deity Animal Rescue discuss how to Modernize Dog Rescue 07/08/2019
info_outline Amos - Big Dog on Campus 06/27/2019
info_outline Tinkerbelle the Dog's Story going from Rescue Dog to the Top Dog Model 06/20/2019
info_outline The Woof Life Premiere - Meet My Dog Pixie 06/15/2019
info_outline Discussion with Casey Williams of The Gentle Pit 06/15/2019
info_outline The Woof Life Show Trailer 06/15/2019