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This Is Your Brain With Dr. Phil Stieg

This Is Your Brain With Dr. Phil Stieg provides a fascinating look into the human brain, with each episode asking new questions — and finding new answers — about our most mysterious organ. Together with his expert guests, Dr. Stieg takes us on a journey that reveals unexpected secrets at every turn, and redefines what we know about ourselves and our place in the world. The podcast explores the many fascinating aspects of neuroscience, ranging from how the brain is wired for both sudden bursts of violence and the pervasive inner calm of meditation. Where does confidence come from? How do we remember traumatic events – or do we? How do other animals experience consciousness? Does storytelling change our brains? Take the journey with us as we explore the very foundation of what makes us human.

info_outline Exploring The Magic Mushroom 05/17/2024
info_outline A Memory Workout 05/03/2024
info_outline Do You Hear What I See? 04/19/2024
info_outline What Are Your Hands Saying? 04/05/2024
info_outline “The Change Is Gonna Come” - Menopause and the Brain 03/22/2024
info_outline The Incredible Shrinking Attention Span 03/08/2024
info_outline Near Death Experiences (reprise) 02/23/2024
info_outline Game Changer - A Concussion Revolution (reprise) 02/09/2024
info_outline Do Our Dogs Really Love Us ? 01/26/2024
info_outline Music’s Powerful Impact on the Brain 01/12/2024
info_outline Controlled Hallucination 12/29/2023
info_outline Connecting the Heart and Brain 12/15/2023
info_outline Using All 5 of Your Minds 12/01/2023
info_outline More Than a Feeling - Your Pain Is Made in Your Brain 11/17/2023
info_outline Is Your Baby Smarter Than a Robot? 11/03/2023
info_outline Training To Be Yourself 10/20/2023
info_outline Drowning In Distraction 10/06/2023
info_outline Music As Medicine 09/22/2023
info_outline Tales of a Hijacked Brain 09/08/2023
info_outline Game Changer: A Concussion Revolution 08/25/2023
info_outline Thinking In Pictures 08/11/2023
info_outline Taking Laughter Seriously 07/28/2023
info_outline Finding Your Soul In Ice (reprise) 07/14/2023
info_outline Marketing to Your Primal Brain 06/30/2023
info_outline I've Got (Circadian) Rhythm! 06/16/2023
info_outline Mesmerized By Magic 06/02/2023
info_outline The “Reading Brain” In A Digital World 05/19/2023
info_outline The Mother of All Brain Changes 05/05/2023
info_outline Unlearning Addiction 04/21/2023
info_outline Engaging Your Spiritual Core 04/07/2023