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This Mom's Life

2 moms, 4 kids. We talk about being moms in LA, the chaos that ensues, and the wine that must be drank to cope. Also, we connect with other incredible mothers from all walks of life to hear just how they do it. This is so exciting for us - two moms who love their kids, want to pull our hair out half the time but live to talk about it... because we definitely LOVE to talk.

info_outline Episode 20 - on car troubles, kid attitudes and the number on the scale 09/26/2017
info_outline Episode 19 - On September, summer break recap and sneakers in the entryway 09/18/2017
info_outline Episode 18 (take 2) - on semi-single parenting and podcasting with kids present! 07/21/2017
info_outline Episode 17 - Summer Break, Season 2 and Spartan Races! 06/07/2017
info_outline Episode 16 - Mother's Day, Germy Theme Parks and Sibling Drama 05/08/2017
info_outline Episode 15 - The Dad's New mancave, Afternoon drinking and how do I get my 4 yr old to stop talking? 04/19/2017
info_outline Episode 14 -Sick and tired of being sick, the need to be perfect and Jenny Hopf from MOMIDARITY joins us!! 04/13/2017
info_outline Episode 13 - Dorit's Red Bull, Positive Pregnancy Tests and Drowning in Children's Books 04/01/2017
info_outline Episode 12 - The plague, the podiatrist and the lovely Catherine McCord from Weelicious! 03/22/2017
info_outline Episode 11 - Eat, Sleep and Repeat. 03/09/2017
info_outline Episode 10 - Passion projects, tantrums in Paris and our guest, Supermom Lexi Raven, shares how she does it all! 03/03/2017
info_outline Episode 9 - Spider bites, Erika Jayne girlcrush and the amazing Merrin Dungey! 02/27/2017
info_outline Episode 8 - Valentines Day, Phlegm, and Sexting for moms? (is this a thing?) 02/16/2017
info_outline Episode 7 - Praying for a Pap Smear, the Shopping High and Heather Brooker from Motherhood in Hollywood! 02/10/2017
info_outline Episode 6 - Poop Emergencies, a bag of pills and a divine kinky bitch! 02/02/2017
info_outline Episode 5 - Andy Cohen, Finding your Passion and how Nic and Dana became friends! 01/27/2017
info_outline Episode 4 - Trips to Target, technology as a third wheel in a marriage and general overwhelm as a mom 01/19/2017
info_outline Episode 3 - Vacations with kids, minimalism and a box of wine 01/14/2017
info_outline Episode 2 - Date nights and diets... and a little Real Housewives 01/05/2017
info_outline Episode 1 - Intro to This Mom's Life 01/05/2017