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3 Floors Up Podcast

The Hoyt podcast that everyone asked for, but nobody really wanted. Join Matt and George, two students killing time and trading stories with their friends, family, professors, and other guests who for some reason think they're worth talking to. Hopefully nobody feeds their egos too much. New episodes Fridays at 5 PM EST

info_outline 9. Operating in the Present (ft. Ben) 12/28/2019
info_outline 8. Thank Me Later (ft. Dan and Justin) 12/22/2019
info_outline 7. Girl? 12/14/2019
info_outline 6. A Real Bruh Moment (ft. Jess) 12/06/2019
info_outline 5. Death, Acid, and Poop 11/23/2019
info_outline 4. $100,000 Down the Toilet 11/08/2019
info_outline Three Floors Up #3 - Good LEGO, Great Show (ft. Jace) 11/01/2019
info_outline Three Floors Up #2 - Two-Thirds of a Baby (ft. Dr. Smith) 10/25/2019
info_outline Three Floors Up #1 - Naming My Kid Cheeseburger 10/17/2019