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Awakening Women Podcast

Leanne Oaten is a former counsellor with an educational background in Counselling Psychology and 9 years of experience guiding women to rise above toxic relationship dynamics keeping them stuck so they can truly flourish. She now offers coaching and guidance for how to disentangle the cycle of covert intimate relationship abuse and manipulation with a narcissistic partner with a unique, no bullshit, and empowered approach. Topics discussed: Covert narcissistic Abuse Codependent patterns Self Healing Navigating life with a narcissistic partner Understanding the tactics and patterns For info about her programs visit leanneoaten.com Connect with her on Instagram: @leanne.oaten @awakeningwomensupport Join the Awakening Women Support community on Facebook by searching #awakeningwomensupport in the Facebook search bar.

info_outline 313. Is it REALLY That Bad? Is it Abuse or am I Being Too Sensitive? 06/30/2022
info_outline 312. The Many Promises to Change (That Don't Lead to Changed Behaviour) 06/16/2022
info_outline 311. Anger Toward Abusive Partner 06/09/2022
info_outline 310. Cycles of Love and Abuse 06/02/2022
info_outline 308. 6 Empowering Mind Shifts You Can Make TODAY 05/20/2022
info_outline 307. Remember Who You're Dealing With 05/12/2022
info_outline 306. What Is He? | Why Labelling Your Partner Keeps YOU Stuck in The Abusive Dynamic 04/28/2022
info_outline 305. A Covert Abuse Tactic They ALL Use | What About What YOU Did? 04/21/2022
info_outline 304. 4 Signs You're Not Ready to Leave Your Relationship 04/14/2022
info_outline 303. Closet Abusers| Why You Want to Avoid Being Alone with Your Partner 04/07/2022
info_outline 302. Hitting Rock Bottom | When Everything is Falling Apart and You Don't know What to Do 04/01/2022
info_outline 301. Why Reactive Abuse is Not Real 03/31/2022
info_outline 300. When People Are Siding with The Abusive Partner 03/24/2022
info_outline 299. What You Can Expect in an Abusive + Toxic Relationship 03/18/2022
info_outline 298. They Deliberately Withhold What You Want Them to Do 03/10/2022
info_outline 297. Have No Shame About Not Being Ready to Leave 03/04/2022
info_outline 296. 4 Mental Traps of Narcissistic Abuse 02/03/2022
info_outline 296. Carrying the Motherload | Feeling Like a Single Parent in Narcissistic Relationship 01/27/2022
info_outline 295. Does my Partner Have Avoidant Attachment or is it Narcissistic Abuse? 01/24/2022
info_outline 294. Monday Quickie | Refusing to Accept Your Ideas, Perspectives and Influence 01/17/2022
info_outline 293. The Hidden Dangers of a Covert Narcissist 01/13/2022
info_outline 292. Monday Quickie| Everything is Fine Until You Confront Them on Their Bullshit 01/10/2022
info_outline 291. The Definitive Top 10 Checklist to Know for Sure if You're Experiencing Narcissistic Abuse 01/06/2022
info_outline 290. What Narcissitic Fathers Do When You Pull Away | Disneyland Dads |Love Bombing the Kids 12/30/2021
info_outline Bonus New Year 2022 Episode | Ditch the Pressure and Make Your Own Rules 12/29/2021
info_outline 289. Childhood Sexual Trauma + Narcissistic Abuse 12/23/2021
info_outline 288. Signs He is NOT Changing + Entitlement to Your Forgiveness 12/16/2021
info_outline 287. Empathy Burnout + Protecting Your Energy 12/09/2021
info_outline 286. The Nice/Mean Behavior Patterns + Why You Feel So Confused 12/03/2021
info_outline 285. Stop Trying to Get Your Partner to Grow with You 11/25/2021