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To The Batpoles! Batman 1966

An ongoing group research project into Batman '66! Two brothers, Tim and Paul, who grew up having their lives changed forever by Batman reruns in the '70s, discuss the series story-by-story, with other episodes set aside for research into how the show was made (including examining draft scripts) and other Bat-material somehow related to the show. There's not a moment to lose! To the Batpoles!

info_outline #153 Greg Patterson tries on the Penguin's "quack" 02/18/2021
info_outline Help us snag a JOHN ASTIN interview 02/09/2021
info_outline #152 Defining the Riddler w/Wally Wingert 02/04/2021
info_outline #151 “Bat-motography” and “The Conqueror Bookworm” 01/21/2021
info_outline #150 “The Astrologer”: The Proto-“Zodiac” Script 01/07/2021
info_outline #149 Alan Napier: "Not Just Batman's Butler" 12/24/2020
info_outline #148 Washburn II: Meet the Stars! 12/10/2020
info_outline #147 Stanford Sherman’s letters and Batman ’66 #5 11/26/2020
info_outline #146 An Early Batman '66 Fan Film, Revealed! 11/12/2020
info_outline #145 “Batman: The Movie”: What is “the director’s input”? 10/29/2020
info_outline #144 Leslie Martinson: He’s Tha Bomb 10/15/2020
info_outline SCRIPT: Batman: The Movie 10/13/2020
info_outline #143 Jeff Bond talking Bat-movie music? Oh buoy! 10/01/2020
info_outline #142 Fine-tuning “The Penguin Goes Straight” 09/17/2020
info_outline #141 The Red Hood and a Couple of Top Hats 09/03/2020
info_outline SCRIPT: The Penguin Goes Straight 08/23/2020
info_outline #140 Julie and Eartha: Two Cat-egories of Catwoman 08/20/2020
info_outline #139 "Batman Meets Godzilla" #2 and the Battle Over the Batmobile 08/06/2020
info_outline #138 Batman Forever: “Holey Plot, Batman!” 07/23/2020
info_outline #137 Yvonne Craig: We get a kick out of this memoir 07/09/2020
info_outline #136 Freeze/Penguin teamup and Dozier's ten rules 06/25/2020
info_outline #135 Batman ’66 Comics, the Gray Ghost, and Nostalgia 06/11/2020
info_outline #134 What’s My Crime? Bob Dozier’s Joker Drafts 05/28/2020
info_outline #133 Scott Sebring is here! Holy Bat-cyclopedia! 05/14/2020
info_outline #132 Women of Season One: Not Just "Poor, Deluded Girls" 04/30/2020
info_outline #131 1970: Batman goes solo and gets spooky 04/16/2020
info_outline #130 Reading Fan Letters in the Wayne Living Room 04/02/2020
info_outline #129 The Show's Ratings, and Rating "Godzilla" 03/19/2020
info_outline BAT-ANNOUNCEMENTS 02/01/2020
info_outline #128 Roast Godzilla 01/23/2020