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Travel Goals Podcast

Should I quit my job to travel? Is solo travel safe? How can I break into travel writing and how can I save money for travel? Welcome to the Travel Goals Podcast, where we answer your travel questions. Host Pip Jones takes a deep dive with top travel experts to bring you what's new in the travel industry, as well as a range of actionable travel hacks, destination inspiration and stories of travel adventures from around the world. Tune in for in-depth discussions on the latest travel trends with some of the biggest names in the travel industry. There are also special on-location episodes in a range of exciting destinations and practical tips on how to travel better? With over 17 years of travel experience, travel writer, podcaster and presenter Pip gives you the inside scoop on how you can travel better, the latest in travel trends and also how you can achieve your travel goals. The Travel Goals community is growing fast, so make sure to join us now and start living your bucket list today. Tweet me your travel goals @pip_says Instagram @pipsays

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