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treehugger's podcast

The science, practice and humans of ecological restoration. We assist the recovery of ecosystems, which promises a brighter future for human livelihoods and health as well as a just transition in a warming world.

info_outline Urban Heat with Dr. Vivek Shandas 09/28/2020
info_outline Suburban Woodpeckers with John Marzluff 08/03/2020
info_outline Primer of Ecological Restoration with Karen Holl 05/19/2020
info_outline Tree-Planting Drones with Matthew Aghai 04/27/2020
info_outline Resonant Restoration with Sean Rowe 04/01/2020
info_outline Care for Urban Trees & Each Other with Sarah Low 03/24/2020
info_outline Ecology of Light with Travis Longcore 03/09/2020
info_outline Climate Ready Forests with Dr. Sally Aitken 02/26/2020
info_outline Applied Optimism with Brianne Palmer 02/18/2020
info_outline Society for Ecological Restoration with Bethanie Walder 02/18/2020
info_outline UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration with Tim Christophersen 01/27/2020
info_outline Coral Restoration with Sabine Bailey 01/13/2020
info_outline Forest Bathing with Julia Plevin (Winter Solstice Episode) 12/22/2019
info_outline Biocrust Ecology with Brianne Palmer 12/11/2019
info_outline Urban Nature with Dr. Kathy Wolf 11/21/2019
info_outline Microbiome Rewilding with Jacob Mills 11/12/2019
info_outline Intro: What is a treehugger...podcast? 11/10/2019