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The TomboyTeez Podcast

The TomboyTeez Podcast: Pop Culture, Sci-Fi, Sports and Tomboys. Oh, and t-shirts too.

info_outline TTZP 013: What's News?, Hey, What's Cool?, Tomboy of the Month Grace Hopper and much more! 12/11/2013
info_outline TTZP 012: Xena's Return, Area 51, Annie Oakley and the X Files Season 10 comic 08/31/2013
info_outline TTZP 011: Amelia Earhart, Twinkies Return!, Tomboy of the Month Eileen Collins and Pep Talk 07/21/2013
info_outline TTZP 010: LA Pride, X Files and Abby Wambach 06/16/2013
info_outline TTZP 009: Celebrate May The 4th with some Star Wars Talk and "If I Could" 05/05/2013
info_outline TTZP 008: WonderCon VS Dinah Shore, "If I Could" and Win A Free Shirt! 04/25/2013
info_outline TTZP 007: Cat's Dinner with Battlestar Galactica's Admiral Adama and President Roslin, Our First Plane Shot and "Olivia's Corner" with The Hulk! 03/16/2013
info_outline TTZP 006: WonderCon, Dinah Shore Weekend, "Olivia's Corner" with Cupid and Mascot Hunt. 02/11/2013
info_outline TTZP 005: Twinkies, Hunger Games and Chewbacca 11/25/2012
info_outline TTZP P004: Amelia Earhart Update, Doctor Who and Bad Wolf. 08/20/2012
info_outline TTZP 003: Amelia Earhart and What's News! 07/20/2012
info_outline TTZP 002: MaryD of AUSXIP.com, Lucy Lawless Gets Arrested and Han Shot First 03/20/2012
info_outline TTZP 001: The Origin Story of TomboyTeez.com! 01/06/2012