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The Last Tuesday Project

A group of friends get together once a month thanks to the wonder of modern technology to discuss one topic. That topic can come in the form of either a question, a subject, a claim, or a statement. The thing is, only one of us knows what that topic is going to be. That person shall henceforth be known as the Dimbleby. (It's a long story.) The Dimbleby has two topics in their pocket. They tell us the first one and then the rest of us have the opportunity to veto it based on a majority vote. If we veto the first topic, we hear the second topic. We cannot veto the second topic. You know, just to add a little bit of jeopardy to the whole thing. From that point on we have an hour to each research the topic. We can do it whatever way we want to, either through the internet, or books, or going to the library, or shouting across the road at your neighbour... Once the hour is up, we get back together again and talk about it. The Dimbleby guides us, asks us questions on what we've researched. At the end of it we come to a conclusion. Or not, as the case may be. That brings us to the point of The Last Tuesday Project. This is less about the conclusions we come to, although they can be fun and interesting. It's more about how we get there. Doing this sort of research - looking for evidence, sifting through the crap - is something anyone can do. We don't want to tell you what to think, and we're loathe to say that we want to tell you how to think. What we want to do is give you the tools so that you can come to your own conclusions without being swayed by biased information. Being able to detect fact from fiction, science from pseudoscience, brilliant ideas from bullshit. One group of friends, one topic, one hour to research. Welcome to The Last Tuesday Project.

info_outline TLTP 037a - Disgust: Interview with Dr Rich Firth-Godbehere 08/13/2019
info_outline TLTP 037 - The Fall Of the House Of Tuesday 07/30/2019
info_outline TLTP 036a - Hiding In The Shade, Because Gingers 07/09/2019
info_outline TLTP 036 - Not-So-Innocent Bystander 06/25/2019
info_outline TLTP 035a - Kitty Bloddy Pissy Issues 06/11/2019
info_outline TLTP 035 - Subliminally Poisoning Flash Cars 05/28/2019
info_outline TLTP 034a - Prozac Poop-Out 05/14/2019
info_outline TLTP 034 - Cine-Tropes 04/30/2019
info_outline TLTP 033a - It's Reigning Short Men 04/09/2019
info_outline TLTP 033 - A Short Story 03/26/2019
info_outline TLTP 032a - Houdini Sh*tting Dog 03/12/2019
info_outline TLTP 032 - A Stitch In Time 02/26/2019
info_outline TLTP 031a - Erudite 02/12/2019
info_outline TLTP 031 - Quiet Little Voices 01/29/2019
info_outline TLTP 030a - Tinned Banana Apocalypse 01/07/2019
info_outline TLTP 030 - The Christmas Star That Stole Mince Pies 12/25/2018
info_outline TLTP 029a - Superseded 12/11/2018
info_outline TLTP 029 - Planning To Fail 11/27/2018
info_outline TLTP 028a - Dentally Challenged 11/13/2018
info_outline TLTP 028 - The Whole Tooth 10/30/2018
info_outline TLTP 027a - Ethicast 10/09/2018
info_outline TLTP 027 - Fractious Energy 09/25/2018
info_outline TLTP 026a - Twenge And Scarbella 09/11/2018
info_outline TLTP 026 - The Music Or The Misery 08/28/2018
info_outline TLTP 025a - Old School 08/14/2018
info_outline TLTP 025 - Stay Classy 07/31/2018
info_outline TLTP 024a - Hare Update 07/10/2018
info_outline TLTP 024 - Caesar's Mental Muscle 06/25/2018
info_outline TLTP 023a - Critical Britpop 06/12/2018
info_outline TLTP 023 - Bluebeard And The Jolly Rogers 05/29/2018