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Turn the Lens with Jeff Frick

Turn the Lens is about exploring the people, topics, and pieces of media that help shape my perspective on the world. The concept behind 'turn the lens' is to look beyond the foreground, beyond the obvious, to see things in a different context, to see things that you might have missed before. Let's get past our own bias and point of view to try and look from a broader point of view, to expand our learning beyond the obvious.

info_outline #11 Bill Loewenthal - Changing behavior, hard. Continuously upgrading user experience, easy. 05/03/2021
info_outline #10 Melody Meckfessel & Deepti Srivastava, Humans with a higher calling changing the world with data, open-source & community, one data visualization at a time. 03/02/2021
info_outline #9 Michael Biltz - Master Change: Create the Future you envision 02/24/2021
info_outline #8 Kyle Moschetto - What could you do with two extra hours a day? Try closing your email tab 02/16/2021
info_outline #7 Michele Bettencourt - From AB to MB and Beyond! 02/01/2021
info_outline #6 Bill Schmarzo - Tesla to Trafalgar, MJ to The Captain, Keys to data success 01/22/2021
info_outline #5 Liza Donnelly - Award-winning political cartoonist shares her take on culture, community, & digital transformation 01/13/2021
info_outline #4 Amanda Palmer and lessons from "The Art of Asking" 12/17/2020
info_outline #3 Jennifer Tejada - Six values of a Winner 12/15/2020
info_outline #2 Marcia Conner - Six ways to rewrite work and get better results 12/09/2020
info_outline #1 Nick Mehta on leadership, the human first approach to business, and social media for CEOs 12/08/2020