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The Knowbodies Podcast

Know. Your. Body. We are two physical therapists passionate about creating a more informed and healthier society through speaking with leading minds in the worlds of health, fitness, and self-development. The goal is to tackle any and all subjects relating to the most dynamic organism on the planet: the human body.

info_outline Phil White - Minimum Effective Dose and Intermittent Fasting 03/24/2020
info_outline Concierge Physical Therapy - From 6 Figure Practice to Coach with Josh Payne 10/17/2019
info_outline From PT to PhysioMemes with Dr. Andrew Tran, PT, DPT 10/15/2019
info_outline Telehealth 10k Challenge with Rob Vining 08/29/2019
info_outline Managing It All with Clinic Owner, Software Creator, and PT Business Coach, Katie Hohman 07/26/2019
info_outline Leadership and Creating Culture in Physical Therapy Private Practice with John Davie 07/12/2019
info_outline What Is Good Sleep Hygiene with Dr. Roxanne Pritchard 07/02/2019
info_outline Beyond The Evidence & Fighting Frustrations As A New Grad 04/09/2019
info_outline Building A Successful Hybrid Practice with Drew Cook, PT, DPT 03/29/2019
info_outline Finding Your Niche and Creating an Online Business with Liz Koch 03/08/2019
info_outline From New Grad to the Sports Rehab Expert with Greg Schaible 03/01/2019
info_outline Taking Telehealth To The Next Level with Rob Vining 02/11/2019
info_outline How To Grow Your Income With Home Health Contracting With Bert De Vera, PT 02/04/2019
info_outline Creating a Brand and serving a greater purpose 11/22/2018
info_outline Where We've Been The Last 4 Months 11/14/2018
info_outline Will the real Primary Care Therapist please stand up 07/18/2018
info_outline 3 Things we learned about the service industry 07/11/2018
info_outline Alzheimer's, The Immune System, & Neurological Disorders with Dr. Brian Leung 07/05/2018
info_outline 2 Years: Looking Back at How We've Grown 06/27/2018
info_outline Who Should You Work With? 06/20/2018
info_outline What else can a PT be? Featuring Meredith Castin of www.thenonclinicalpt.com 06/13/2018
info_outline What Physical Therapists in 2018 Need To Be Doing with Greg Todd 06/06/2018
info_outline Chasing Your Curiosity: Why imperfect action trumps perfect inaction 05/30/2018
info_outline Psychophysical Effects of Music in Sport and Exercise 05/23/2018
info_outline Kinesthetic Learning: Developing a System of Readiness 05/16/2018
info_outline Motivational Interviewing & Population Health w/Alan Fredendall 05/09/2018
info_outline The Coaches Conversation featuring Jon Herting 05/02/2018
info_outline The Psychology of Health Behaviors featuring Dr. Elliot Berkman 04/25/2018
info_outline Beyond Fitness with Dr. Justin Rabinowitz, D.C. 04/18/2018
info_outline The White Belt Mentality: The New Breed of SPT's Featuring Nick Perugini 04/11/2018