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Understanding World Religions

Religion is the driving force behind much of what happens in the world today -- particularly when it comes to the "big three" religions -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Religious differences have and continue to spark wars, create nations, and spawn ongoing conflict down through the centuries. No matter what religion you adhere to (or even if you claim that you don't adhere to any religion at all), you need to have a basic understanding of the world's religions in order to understand what is happening in the world today so that you can be better informed and a more useful citizen of your nation and of the world. Without some knowledge of religion, you will not understand the underpinnings of what is happening in an increasingly global society.

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info_outline Neopagan Religions 07/22/2016
info_outline Jehovah's Witnesses 07/15/2016
info_outline Mormonism 07/07/2016
info_outline Christian Science and Scientology 06/26/2016
info_outline The Unitarian-Universalist Association, The Unity School of Christianity, and The Unification Church 12/12/2015
info_outline Cults, 'Isms,' and Contemporary Religious Movements 12/03/2015
info_outline Secular Humanism 11/26/2015
info_outline Shinto 11/18/2015
info_outline Taoism 11/12/2015
info_outline Confucianism 11/05/2015
info_outline Tibetan Buddhism 07/29/2015
info_outline Mahayana Buddhism 07/23/2015
info_outline Theravada Buddhism 07/16/2015
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info_outline Jainism 06/11/2015
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info_outline Islam: Varieties and Issues 04/16/2015
info_outline The Beliefs of Islam 04/09/2015
info_outline The Theology of Islam 04/02/2015
info_outline The Foundations of Islam 03/26/2015
info_outline The Beginning of Islam 03/18/2015
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