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Virtual Economy

The business of video games can be complicated. In each episode of Virtual Economy, hosts and analysts Amanda Farough and Michael Futter break down the biggest business news in the video game industry.

info_outline Episode 153: The UK CMA Throws a Temper Tantrum Over the Activision Acquisition (News Show) 05/23/2023
info_outline Episode 152: Sega’s Angry Birds Acquisition and Life After Microsoft/Activision (News Show) 05/05/2023
info_outline Bonus Episode 8: The UK CMA Murdered the Microsoft/Activision Deal 04/26/2023
info_outline GDC 2023: I Fought the Law 2 - Legal Rumble in the Bay 04/23/2023
info_outline Episode 151: E3 Can’t Claw Itself Out of the Grave (News Show) 04/05/2023
info_outline Episode 150: Square Enix Says No Flippin’ Thanks to its Web3 CEO (News Show) 03/17/2023
info_outline Episode 149: The Great Games as a Service Massacre (News Show) 02/20/2023
info_outline Episode 148: Dungeons & Dragons, New Coke, and Other Terrible Mistakes (News Show) 01/30/2023
info_outline Episode 147: Ubisoft in Crisis (Season 4 Premiere) 01/17/2023
info_outline Episode 146: GameStop’s Still Hemorrhaging Money (News Show) 12/16/2022
info_outline Bonus Episode 7: What to do When Your Brand Isn’t Working for You Anymore 12/06/2022
info_outline Bonus Episode 6: How Equity Funding Works (With Kelly Wallick) 11/28/2022
info_outline Episode 145: NetEase Thinks Activision is a Big Jerk (News Show) 11/23/2022
info_outline Episode 144: Weird Corporate Shenanigans (News Show) 11/13/2022
info_outline Episode 143: Microsoft and Sony Stumble on Subscriptions (News Show) 11/02/2022
info_outline Episode 142: The Console Supply Must Flow (News Show) 10/26/2022
info_outline Episode 141: We Need to Talk About the Voice Acting and Bayonetta Brujaha (News Show) 10/18/2022
info_outline Episode 140: E3, WISE FWOM YAW GWAVE (News Show) 10/03/2022
info_outline Episode 139: Yves Guillemot Can’t Fix Ubisoft’s Culture Problems (News Show) 09/22/2022
info_outline Episode 138: Amazon and EA: Will They Do The Horizontal Mambo? (News Show) 09/01/2022
info_outline Episode 137: Embracer Ate Middle-earth Enterprises for Second Breakfast (News Show) 08/23/2022
info_outline Episode 136: Activision Is Bleeding Players (News Show) 08/09/2022
info_outline Episode 135: Minecraft Tells NFT Twerps to Go ‘Block’ Themselves (News Show) 08/02/2022
info_outline Bonus Episode 5: Equity and Underrepresentation in Game Development with Code Coven 07/26/2022
info_outline Episode 134: GameStop and Unity Want Those Payoffs for Layoffs (News Show) 07/21/2022
info_outline Episode 133: The Video Game Industry Celebrated Pride with a Bear Market (News Show) 07/03/2022
info_outline Episode 132: Slurping From The Game Firehose (News Show) 06/25/2022
info_outline Episode 131: GameStop is Bleeding (News Show) 06/09/2022
info_outline Episode 130: A Soft Boiled Quarter (News Show) 06/01/2022
info_outline Episode 129: Jim Ryan’s Tone Deaf Meow Meow Storytime Hour (News Show) 05/24/2022