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Visionary Bosses Podcast

Visionary Bosses Podcast was started in September 2019 by the Visionary Boss herself, Brittany Lockhart, AKA B Lashon. Visionary Bosses Podcast is the ultimate show where you can come and listen to inspiring stories from extraordinary women turned self made bosses. Our show will be based on interviews from women who have inspired me and they will talk about how they took the necessary steps to owning their own business and successes. I know you’re probably thinking what makes this show so ULTIMATE and different from other interview podcasts. Trust me this show is like no other. Our guests are coming from all walks of life and conduct business in different industries such as modeling, food, music, and so much more. These Bosses are not afraid to give it to you RAW and definitely will not sugar coat their processes. This show is ULTIMATELY made for storytelling and to inspire the next BOSS who dreams are to work for themselves. So, grab your headphones and get ready for a dope show!

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