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Open Door Church Official Podcast

We are an independent, non-affiliated fellowship of open and friendly believers whose lives are being transformed by Jesus Christ. Our passion is: Loving God through Worship. Learning about God through Discipleship. Leading the world to God through Service. We hope this podcast inspires you and fills you with hope.

info_outline A Revelation From Jesus Christ 09/18/2019
info_outline Dividing The Church: What The Church Should Not Be 09/09/2019
info_outline Caring For The Lord's Workers 09/05/2019
info_outline Denying Christ: What The Church Should Not Be 08/26/2019
info_outline Truth and Love: What The Church Should Be 08/19/2019
info_outline Don't Let Anything Replace God 08/12/2019
info_outline Praying For Life Over Death 08/05/2019
info_outline He Will Give Us What We Ask For 07/29/2019
info_outline Everyone Who Believes 07/22/2019
info_outline Loving God = Loving People 07/15/2019
info_outline False Prophets 07/08/2019
info_outline Practicing Loving One Another 07/07/2019
info_outline Practice Makes Imperfect 06/24/2019
info_outline Traits of a Child of God 06/17/2019
info_outline What Is An Antichrist? 06/10/2019
info_outline The Battle For Your Affection 06/03/2019
info_outline Stretching For My Miracle 05/29/2019
info_outline An Old Commandment 05/20/2019
info_outline My Dear Children 05/13/2019
info_outline Walking In The Light 05/06/2019
info_outline Living In the Light 04/29/2019
info_outline Who Are You Looking For? 04/22/2019
info_outline If I Am Telling the Truth Then Why Are You Beating Me? 04/15/2019
info_outline Are You Asking Yourselves What I Meant? 04/08/2019
info_outline Journey to the Cross: Do You Know Him? 04/01/2019
info_outline Do You Understand What I Was Doing? 03/25/2019
info_outline Do You Believe This Martha? 03/18/2019
info_outline Why Do You Call It Blasphemy? 03/11/2019
info_outline Will You Also Leave? 03/04/2019
info_outline Where Can We Buy Bread? 02/25/2019