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All Aboard The Trump Train

Attn: All 63 million Trump voters. President Trump needs our help in 2020. We must elect patriotic, conservative, Republicans and independents who will vote for his agenda. Let's roll! Just because we have the right to vote, that doesn't guarantee we have a democracy. People vote in China, Russia, and in many dictatorships. We must only vote for Republicans and independents who don't take bribes from lobbyists' fundraisers, special interests, and all other big donors, period!

info_outline The 2018 elections were held 190 days ago. Congress has again failed to keep any major promises. Listen to this episode to find out why. 05/15/2019
info_outline The rampant bribery in Washington is unsustainable. Let's stop it! 05/07/2019
info_outline There is nothing democratic about the new Democrat-Socialist Party 04/30/2019
info_outline Both parties have failed us miserably, for decades! Time for action! 04/25/2019
info_outline Attention: All 63 million Trump voters-Trump needs our help-let's roll! 03/15/2019