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Wait it Gets Better

Wait it Gets better is an Improvisational storytelling podcast. Each week a few friends gather with their randomly assigned story elements, and try to make a cohesive story line from it. If you have any questions,requests or suggestions please send them to waititgetsbettercast@gmail.com.

info_outline 052-WaitItGetsBetter-One Year Later We are still kicking 08/10/2020
info_outline 051-WaitItGetsBetter-Kudzu Vs The Empaths from Mars 08/03/2020
info_outline 050-WaitItGetsBetter-Space Warlord Vs Future Boy 07/30/2020
info_outline 049-WaitItGetsBetter-Frequency Freaks And the Unbeatable Horse 07/20/2020
info_outline 048-WaitItGetsBetter-Miniature Casino and River Magic 07/06/2020
info_outline 047-WaitItGetsBetter-Bird Power and Bugs 06/29/2020
info_outline 046-WaitItGetsBetter-Magic Time Travel Rock 06/22/2020
info_outline 045-WaitItGetsBetter-Super author,Super Pandemic 06/15/2020
info_outline 044-WaitItGetsBetter-Ancient Aliens and Wifi 06/08/2020
info_outline 043-WaitItGetsBetter-Super Salamander From the desert 05/27/2020
info_outline 042-WaitItGetsBetter-Life Wizard Vs the Nuclear Family 05/18/2020
info_outline 041-WaitItGetsBetter-Stop the Mad Guy Do it Again 05/11/2020
info_outline 040-WaitItGetsBetter-One Sick man One Sick Car 05/08/2020
info_outline 039-WaitItGetsBetter-Threat of Doom And Roasted Rabbit 04/27/2020
info_outline 038-WaitItGetsBetter-Magic Cloak & Many Kings 04/20/2020
info_outline 037-WaitItGetsBetter-Friends with a Star 04/15/2020
info_outline 036-WaitItGetsBetter-Winston is betting on the hornets 04/06/2020
info_outline 035-WaitItGetsBetter-Visions of the Future 03/30/2020
info_outline 034-WaitItGetsBetter-029-KungFu Vs King 03/24/2020
info_outline 033-WaitItGetsBetter-Breaker Vs the Mad Prince 03/16/2020
info_outline 032-WaitItGetsBetter-Android Butler 03/09/2020
info_outline 031-WaitItGetsBetter-Sci-fi City Vs L33t Hackers 03/02/2020
info_outline 030-WaitItGetsBetter-Magic Light, Angel Ships & Black Holes 02/24/2020
info_outline 029-WaitItGetsBetter-Brain Washed Super Soldier 02/19/2020
info_outline 028-WaitItGetsBetter-The Lost City of Atlantis 02/10/2020
info_outline 027-WaitItGetsBetter-History Book of Everything 02/03/2020
info_outline 026-Wait It Gets Better-Names Of Power 01/27/2020
info_outline 025-Wait It Gets Better-Wilderness of Madness 01/20/2020
info_outline 024-Wait It Gets Better-Ancient Space Tower 01/14/2020
info_outline 023-WaitItGetsBetter-listentothekindalien 01/07/2020