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WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Want proof of life after death? Your loved ones may be physically gone but "they" still exist and you will see them again. Want to believe when your body disappears, "you" go on living? Want to believe that your life here on earth is important? Each episode of "We Don't Die" you'll hear the experiences of men and women of why they believe life after death is REAL. Join your host, Sandra Champlain, author of the #1international bestseller, "We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death," for podcast episodes that aim to give goosebumps! ALL past episodes are available at: http://wedontdieradio.com/

info_outline 421 The Near-death Experience of Ray Catania | Author of "The Atheist and The Afterlife" & "You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It" 11/24/2023
info_outline 420 Images from the Afterlife | The Experiments of Katrin McPhee on We Don't Die | More Stories of Life After Death 11/14/2023
info_outline 419 From Winning Shark Tank to Seeing Spirits with Kiersten Hathcock Author of "Little Voices" 11/10/2023
info_outline 418 Coach Branden Densmore - A Suprising Near-death Experience with wonderful words on Forgiveness 11/08/2023
info_outline 417 Medium Dominic Boag - Author of "The Voice of Spirit - The Boy Next Door with the Incredible Gift" 11/02/2023
info_outline 416 Karen Anderson - Animal Communicator, Pet Loss Specialist, Author of 'The Pet I Can't Forget' & 'The Amazing Afterlife of Animals' 10/27/2023
info_outline 415 Joshua Louis - Author of "Finding Hope in the Afterlife " and creator of "H.O.P.E Spirit Box" App 10/21/2023
info_outline 414 Mark Ireland - Author of 'Persistence of the Soul' and 'Soul Shift' / Co-founder of HelpingParentsHeal.org 10/18/2023
info_outline 413 David Lorimer - Twelve-time Author and Program Director of BeyondtheBrain.org Conference and scienceandmedical.net 10/14/2023
info_outline 412 'AFTER DEATH' Film Director Stephen Gray & Producer Jens Jacob on the NEW 2023 Movie available at ANGEL.COM/AFTERDEATH 10/11/2023
info_outline 411 Pooja Chilukuri Author & Host of The Afterlife Podcast - talks about her Spiritually Transformative Experience, Deconstructing from Religion and more! 10/09/2023
info_outline 410 Dr. Garret Yount - Scientist from Noetic.org - on Conciousness, Lucid Dreaming, and "Why Vibes Matter" 10/05/2023
info_outline 409 Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley on 'The Gift of Crisis' & the REAL Power of Meditation 09/30/2023
info_outline 408 Loyd Auerbach, Parapsychologist, Author, President of Forever Family Foundation 09/23/2023
info_outline 407 Firefighter Bill Letson Shares his NDE (Near-Death Experience) and More! 09/15/2023
info_outline 406 Robert Ginsberg, author & co-founder of ForeverFamilyFoundation.org, on afterlife research, grief, mediums & a HUGE DOSE of Hope 09/04/2023
info_outline 405 Dr. Raymond Moody & Paul Perry share NEW BOOK "Proof of Life After Life - 7 Reasons to Believe There IS an Afterlife" 09/02/2023
info_outline 404 Pam Johnson Shares "Supernatural Love" Experienced Beyond the Veil with her Husband Alan 08/31/2023
info_outline 403 Marie Antoinette Kelley - Afterlife Children's Book Author & Fine Artist - the Power of Creativity 08/26/2023
info_outline 402 Evidential Mediums / Tutors Kerry McLeod & Phil Dykes - Share Powerful Stories of Afterlife Connections, their Passion & More 08/14/2023
info_outline 401 Theresa Cheung - Best-selling Author, Podcast Host, Dream Expert & so much more! 08/09/2023
info_outline 400 Sheila Lowe - Forensic Handwriting Expert & Best-selling Author of Growing From the Ashes, Proof of Life and More! 07/29/2023
info_outline 399 Dr. Helané Wahbeh - Director of Research - Institute of Noetic Sciences - Noetic.org 07/22/2023
info_outline 398 Kute Blackson - A POWERFUL & INSPIRING Author, New Thought Leader & more on Life, Death, Grief, Service & Surrender 07/11/2023
info_outline 397 Frances Key - Author of 'In the Company of Souls' & 'The Team' Books. We are always supported! 07/01/2023
info_outline 396 Jacob L. Cooper - Therapist, Near-Death Experiencer & Author shares the "Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder" 06/24/2023
info_outline 395 Peter Alessandria - Author, Tedx Speaker, Photographer, Spiritual & Afterlife Film Maker 05/27/2023
info_outline 394 Robert Bartkowski on Martial Arts, Quieting the Mind, Signs and Back Pocket Zen 05/18/2023
info_outline 393 Medium & Author Chris Jacobs - A Life Far From Ordinary 05/09/2023
info_outline 392 Scott Milligan Celebrates 26 Years as a Medium with Incredible Stories 05/06/2023