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We Fail Forward with Rey Castellanos

We Fail Forward​ ​is a podcast focused on transforming the way the world views failure. On the show, I interview massively successful entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers about their biggest failures. We uncover how those failures have contributed to their success and ultimately shaped the person they’ve become. Each guest, completes and submits a “​Resume of Failures​"​ and together we unpack their biggest blunders, mistakes and oversights to increase transparency and generate insight for YOU our listeners. We publish each "Resume of Failures" on our website. You can find them at: www.wefailforward.org

info_outline E07 From Adventures Making And Saving Money To The Penny Hoarder With Kyle Taylor 07/26/2017
info_outline E06 Adventurous Thinking + Epic Fails, Epic Success & Epic Fun With Sally Dominguez 06/09/2017
info_outline E05 From Failing Out Of An MBA Program To Becoming One Of The Worlds Top Innovation Thinkers featuring Navi Radjou 06/01/2017
info_outline E04 One Focus, One Goal With Terri Levine 05/24/2017
info_outline E03 Selling Your Way Out of Bankruptcy and the “YES, IF” Philosophy 05/16/2017
info_outline E02 From 14 Years of Not Being Able To Pay Himself A Salary, To Becoming #1 05/16/2017
info_outline E01 Having A Panic Attack Mid Presentation & The 3 Steps To Overcoming Anxiety 05/16/2017
info_outline E00 We Fail Forward: The Podcast On A Mission To Transform The Way The World Views Failure 05/16/2017
info_outline COMING SOON 05/14/2017