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Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy's Wellness Minutes

Giving You The Skinny On Wellness, Health, Diet, Exercise Or Weight Loss In A 3 Minute Podcast

info_outline Bad Burgers 04/24/2012
info_outline Running Injuries 04/23/2012
info_outline Exercise and Eating 04/22/2012
info_outline Cold Water and Exercise 04/21/2012
info_outline Biking and Sex 04/20/2012
info_outline Gym Don'ts Part 3 03/18/2012
info_outline Gym Don'ts Part 2 03/17/2012
info_outline Gym Don'ts Part 1 03/16/2012
info_outline Detox Diets 03/04/2012
info_outline Ice Bath 03/04/2012
info_outline Pool Workout 03/03/2012
info_outline New Fitness App 03/02/2012
info_outline Safer Yoga 03/01/2012
info_outline Soy Lessons Learned 01/15/2012
info_outline Music for Pain Relief? 01/11/2012
info_outline Ice for Sore Muscles? 01/10/2012
info_outline Healthy Cooking tips 01/09/2012
info_outline Protein on the Go 01/08/2012
info_outline Kid Fitness Tips 01/07/2012
info_outline Beware of Toilet Germs 01/06/2012
info_outline New Years Resolutions 12/31/2011
info_outline How to Power Nap 12/27/2011
info_outline How to Set Fitness Goals 12/26/2011
info_outline Germs on a Plane 12/25/2011
info_outline Cardio Tips 12/24/2011
info_outline Last Minute Fitness Gifts 12/22/2011
info_outline Edamame Hummus Recipe 12/18/2011
info_outline Reduce Cardiac Risk 12/13/2011
info_outline Soccer Parent Warning 12/12/2011
info_outline Survive Holiday Eating 12/11/2011