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What The Trans!?

UK-based news podcast for trans and non-binary folks and our allies. Join snarky trans fact-finding team Ashleigh and Alyx as they dissect the news, interview guests and chat about pop culture.

info_outline USA EP04 - Wrasslin' Is Real?! 04/22/2024
info_outline EP103 - A Pain in the Cass 04/15/2024
info_outline USA EP03 - Easter Has Fallen 04/08/2024
info_outline EP102 - The Tribunal & the Telegraph Pole 04/01/2024
info_outline USA EP02 - Nex Benedict 03/25/2024
info_outline EP101 - Room 101 03/17/2024
info_outline USA EP01 - All These Bills and No Change! 03/11/2024
info_outline EP100 - The Future of What the Trans?! 03/04/2024
info_outline EP99 - Starmer, Sunak and Sentencing 02/19/2024
info_outline EP98 - From Hackney Ward to Hospital Wards 02/05/2024
info_outline EP97 - Catching Up With the USA 01/22/2024
info_outline EP96 - Reporting on the Trial 01/09/2024
info_outline Who The Trans?! Episode 2 Wild Blue Yonder 12/22/2023
info_outline Who the Trans?! Episode 1 - The Star Beast 12/19/2023
info_outline EP95 - This Episode is Kemi Badenoch's Fault 12/11/2023
info_outline EP94 - Scotland Saves the Day Again! 12/04/2023
info_outline EP93 - Struggles of Solidarity 11/20/2023
info_outline EP 92 - An Educational Enigma 11/06/2023
info_outline Mini Episode: A Call to Action - The Puberty Blockers Consultation 10/27/2023
info_outline EP 91 - A Confluence of Conferences 10/23/2023
info_outline EP90 - Chess, Toilets and a Constitutional Crisis 09/20/2023
info_outline EP89 - A Labour U-turn & Trans Pride Brighton 08/01/2023
info_outline EP88 - What should pride be? (Featuring Caroline Nokes MP) 07/11/2023
info_outline EP87 - 5th anniversary self-absorbed special! 06/15/2023
info_outline EP86 - How the UK's equalities watchdog became the government's best anti-trans weapon 05/31/2023
info_outline EP85 - A United Nations expert is as alarmed as we are 05/17/2023
info_outline EP84 - This is a red alert for the UK's trans community 04/17/2023
info_outline EP83 - The Best Trans Movies Coming This Year 03/28/2023
info_outline EP82 - Nadia Whittome MP talked to us about the Labour Party 03/07/2023
info_outline EP81 - Brianna Ghey, GIDS staff speak out and more Scottish Gender Recognition turmoil 02/20/2023