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Word Carver

For writers and readers who find solace in books, poetry, and essays, Word Carver explores the craft of writing. Host Cynthia Rosi gives insights into the life and craft of working writers, and reviews new work in books and literary magazines. With additional reporting by Amy Dalrymple. Music is Rise and Shine (2015) by Seastock on Jamendo.com.

info_outline Terry Hill, "Memoirs from a Prison Cell" 05/04/2019
info_outline Tonya Daniels, "Love Brought Me Back" 04/27/2019
info_outline Imbolo Mbue, Tonya L Daniels 04/10/2019
info_outline Kourouma review, and new poems 03/06/2019
info_outline Translation, French to English, of Aimé Césaire 03/06/2019
info_outline How to Cook Your Husband, and The Company 02/22/2019
info_outline Calixte Beyala and Heather Christle 02/14/2019
info_outline African authors and an Indian architect 01/21/2019
info_outline Thank Your Lucky Stars, Sherrie Flick 10/31/2018
info_outline Word Carver, working lunch 07/16/2018
info_outline Lee Martin | The Mutual UFO Network 06/30/2018
info_outline Charles O'Donnell | #amwriting and Self Publishing 06/08/2018
info_outline The Husband | Aaron Daniel Behr 06/02/2018
info_outline Re|Gun Reboot 05/12/2018
info_outline Dustin Pearson and Hannah Stephenson 05/08/2018
info_outline Best Books of February with Gramercy's Linda Kass 02/09/2018
info_outline Steve Abbott and A Green Line Between Green Fields 02/09/2018
info_outline Maggie Smith, Hanif Abdurraqib, and Nick White: Highlights 01/29/2018
info_outline The Path Not Chosen: Stories of Mental Health 01/07/2018
info_outline Essayist and Poet Hanif Abdurraqib 12/01/2017
info_outline Paging Columbus at Two Dollar Radio: Hanif Abdurraqib and William Evans 11/20/2017
info_outline All Hallow’s Read – Stories of Hell and Heaven and the Places Between 11/04/2017
info_outline Lulled by Sycamores: An interview with poet Kathy Fagan 11/04/2017
info_outline The Book Doctor Makes House Calls: The Story Cure with Dinty W. Moore 10/13/2017
info_outline Good Bones -- New Poetry Volume from Maggie Smith 09/30/2017
info_outline Pat Snyder Hurley Poetry volume, and Peripatetic Poets 09/24/2017
info_outline Paging Columbus, Slam Poet Barbara Fant 09/16/2017
info_outline Coates, Rushdie and Calvino: Beyond Illusion 09/01/2017
info_outline Poet Brings Plenty, and Native Perspective 08/17/2017
info_outline Gramercy Books, the making of a bookstore success 08/15/2017