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Wrestling Book Club

Wrestling Book Club is a monthly podcast in which my mom and I read wrestling-related books and review them. It's a thinly-veiled excuse to get my mom progressively more into wrestling and seems to be working so far. Come along as we read our way through the best and worst that wrestling books have to offer! The show comes out on the first of every month. Our website is wrestlingbookclub.com. Please email wrestlingbookclub@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions for books that you'd like us to read.

info_outline Paul Heyman (ECW/Paul Heyman Documentaries--Wrestling Book Club Episode 11) 01/26/2015
info_outline ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling Part 1 (Wrestling Book Club Episode 10) 12/31/2014
info_outline Terry Funk (Wrestling Book Club Episode 9) 12/01/2014
info_outline Harley Race (Wrestling Book Club Episode 8) 10/31/2014
info_outline Bret Hart (Wrestling Book Club Episode 7) 09/30/2014
info_outline Stampede Wrestling (Wrestling Book Club Episode 6) 09/01/2014
info_outline The Dynamite Kid (Wrestling Book Club Episode 5) 08/02/2014
info_outline Death of WCW (Wrestling Book Club Episode 4) 07/13/2014
info_outline Billy Robinson (Wrestling Book Club Episode 3) 06/01/2014
info_outline William Regal (Wrestling Book Club Episode 2) 05/01/2014
info_outline Shawn Michaels (Wrestling Book Club Episode 1) 04/05/2014