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"When The Kids Go To Sleep" - debut twice weekly podcast by Shay Carl and Colette Shay Carl and wife Colette, the "First Family of Youtube" and co-founders of web video giant Maker Studios, are debuting "When The Kids Go To Sleep", a bi-weekly podcast hosted on ShayCarl.com with video segments uploaded to youtube.com/ShayCarl. "When The Kids Go To Sleep" will feature the husband and wife team giving relationship and parenting advice, cover news and entertainment gossip with call-in requests and Twitter questions for fans of the "Shaytards", the hit web series starring Shay, Colette and their four children and "The Mom's View", Colette's new web series. "When The Kids Go To Sleep" will also have special appearances by celebrity guests, YouTubers, friends and family.

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info_outline WE'RE BUILDING A HOSPITAL IN ETHIOPIA (WTKGTS #169) 09/21/2016
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info_outline SUPER BOWL PARTY PODCAST! (WTKGTS #156) 02/12/2016
info_outline DUBIOUS DUBIOUSNESS! (WTKGTS #155) 01/20/2016
info_outline WHAT IS YOUR MOST USED EMOJI? (WTKGTS #154) 12/09/2015
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