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The sexy taboo stuff, that’s on everybody’s nasty mind. Juicy topics that includes the strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and the NUTS! Can ya dig it! No topic is off limits or left unturned! Come listen to an array of topics originating from the numinous mind of your host, while being butt-naked and unperturbed. Nothing escapes X & Y Baby!

info_outline Ep.122 - When a person is one way before you met, should you expect them to change? 06/20/2020
info_outline Ep.121 - What you should do after being ghosted. 06/15/2020
info_outline Ep.120 - Pay attention to the red flags when seeking a spouse, that person may not be on the same page as you. 06/06/2020
info_outline Ep.119 - Why do we put our parents in old folks homes, when they need us the most? 05/23/2020
info_outline Ep.118 - Why are so many women having babies with men, who have no intention of marrying them? 05/17/2020
info_outline Ep.117 - When looking for a relationship, what is most important, the person or their assets? 05/09/2020
info_outline Ep.116 - Could your picky preferences cause you to be alone in your golden years? 05/04/2020
info_outline Ep.115 - Are children getting a good education in our schools? 04/27/2020
info_outline Ep.114 - How do you know you're addicted to SEX? 04/18/2020
info_outline Ep.113 - Is it wise for friends to have sexual relations? 04/12/2020
info_outline Ep.112 - Is spanking your kids ok? 04/04/2020
info_outline Ep.111 - Coronavirus Pandemic 03/28/2020
info_outline Ep.110 - How do you know therapy is needed after a toxic relationship? 03/14/2020
info_outline Ep.109 - Should you plan children? 03/02/2020
info_outline Ep.108 - Never take your crown off to make others feel comfortable 02/17/2020
info_outline Ep.107 - Do you avoid potential relationships because of events from the past? 02/02/2020
info_outline Ep.106 - Why are women always saying they don't need marriage to be happy? 01/18/2020
info_outline Ep.105 - Just because they're in your circle, doesn't mean they're in your corner. 01/04/2020
info_outline Ep.104 - Special Christmas Episode! How important are the gifts you receive? 12/23/2019
info_outline Ep.103 - Which is more important, material stuff, or happiness? 12/08/2019
info_outline Ep.102 - Just because someone desires you, doesn't mean they give a damn about you! 11/29/2019
info_outline Ep.101 - Is family support really important after major life milestones? 11/03/2019
info_outline Ep.100 - Are familes weak, because the roles in a marriage are not right? 10/19/2019
info_outline Ep.99 - Is the way to a man's heart really through his stomach? 09/23/2019
info_outline Ep.98 - What should you know about someone before having sex with them? 08/17/2019
info_outline Ep.97 - A divorce from your wife or husband, does not mean to divorce your kids! 08/04/2019
info_outline Ep.96 - When you're looking for a spouse, is the family they're from important? 07/23/2019
info_outline Ep.95 - Should un-married couples move in together? 07/06/2019
info_outline Ep.94 - A chat with Ex-NFL Wife Angela Marshall 06/22/2019
info_outline Ep.93 - Would you tell your spouse they SUCK in bed? 06/08/2019