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Your Mileage May Vary

A show that takes an overly candid and often hilarious look at topics related to sex. YMMV answers questions people have (and didn’t realize they had) about relationships, sourced from listeners, guests and posts on the Internet. To ask a question, you can email the hosts at [email protected].

info_outline Cleaning Her Toys Orally, Reverse Cuckolding, Foursome Infidelity 11/24/2020
info_outline Repeated Ejaculation, Irrumatio Skills, Crowded-Rectum Anal 11/19/2020
info_outline Bejeweled Butt Plugs, Pubic Hair Politeness, Threesome Breast Jealousy 11/10/2020
info_outline Extreme Sexual Stamina, Where to Ejaculate, Post-Orgasm Torture 09/02/2020
info_outline How Long to Last in Bed, Oral Duration, Porn Cumshots 03/26/2020
info_outline Male and Female Masturbation Death Grip, Fake Orgasm, Massage Arousal 03/17/2020
info_outline Blowjob manners, real versus faked orgasms, Tinder versus Seeking Arrangement 02/26/2020
info_outline Female horniness fluctuations, gossiping about sex, tongue fatigue, load volume, "full" release 03/06/2019
info_outline Post-climax assistance, entrapment, training to be better, unusual masturbation apparatus 02/19/2019
info_outline Melon shape, penetration while sleeping, the fairness of oral asymmetries, emotionally dealing with a tape of your partner's past exploits 07/31/2018
info_outline The best pleasure machines, the allure of slapping with a different tool, do different hoohahs feel different, rectalscaping. 06/20/2018
info_outline Ex-partners' sex lives, what to do after the man is "done", finishing together, passing the load around, labia detritus. 06/07/2018
info_outline Giving blowjobs, penis injuries, the trouble with swinging, cock size, semen volume. 06/01/2018
info_outline Chaturbate, small things leading to breakups, odors, forbidding porn, kegels. 05/22/2018
info_outline The future of porn, talking to women in bars, vibrator value to men, thinking of other people during sex. 05/16/2018
info_outline Taints, efficacy of females sexting, sex on the first date, concern over number of sex partners, how many strokes. 05/09/2018
info_outline Is scrotum scent alluring, is ball smacking additive, anatomy, sleeping through a blow job. 05/02/2018
info_outline Blow job follow up, multiple female orgasms, butt vibrators, how one knows he's not bi. 05/02/2018
info_outline Are rim jobs disgusting, blow job pleasure asymmetry, tasting one's own semen, second had sex toys, pegging. 05/01/2018