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Your Tomorrow Self Podcast

What can we do today that our tomorrow self will thank us for? A fun look into the ways and habits that our future self will thank us for. Includes book reviews and takeaways, parenting, culture, food and beverage, comedy, social goings-on, etc. Join the community and let's all strive today to make our tomorrow self the best it can be.

info_outline #7 The World Turned Upside Down 06/28/2020
info_outline #6 Cece Boyar 09/18/2019
info_outline #5 Talk with Grams 02/03/2019
info_outline # 4 Process and Progress 12/10/2018
info_outline # 3 Book Review - Part 2 Annie Duke's "Thinking in Bets"  10/28/2018
info_outline # 2 Book Review - Thinking in Bets (Annie Duke) Part 1 10/28/2018
info_outline Episode #1 "Don't be a Donkey" - Your Tomorrow Self 10/28/2018