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Growth in Recovery - Recovered 1004

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Release Date: 06/05/2019

Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps Part 3 - Recovered 1191 show art Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps Part 3 - Recovered 1191

Recovered Podcast

Milt L. from Cleveland, OH speaking on "Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps" in San Diego, CA - June 21st 1997

Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps Part 2 - Recovered 1190 show art Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps Part 2 - Recovered 1190

Recovered Podcast

Milt L. from Cleveland, OH speaking on "Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps" in San Diego, CA - June 21st 1997

Popsicle Sticks - Recovered 1188 show art Popsicle Sticks - Recovered 1188

Recovered Podcast

I first experienced “Popsicle Sticks” at the Thursday Midnight night meeting at the Northwest Alano Club in Wayne Michigan. At first I hated it, then I got used to it, then it became my favorite meeting.

Self Care - Recovered 1187 show art Self Care - Recovered 1187

Recovered Podcast

Self-care looks different for everyone, and that’s okay.

Loneliness - Recovered 1186 show art Loneliness - Recovered 1186

Recovered Podcast

It is no more cowardly to use help in recovering from a drinking problem, than it is, to use a crutch if you have a broken leg. A crutch is a beautiful thing, to those who need it.

First Things First - Recovered 1185 show art First Things First - Recovered 1185

Recovered Podcast

The rhythm of our own special routine has a soothing effect, and an apt principle around which to organize some orderliness is—yes, “First Things First.”

Getting Rest - Recovered 1183 show art Getting Rest - Recovered 1183

Recovered Podcast

For at least three reasons, people who drink heavily often cannot

Serenity Prayer - Recovered 1181 show art Serenity Prayer - Recovered 1181

Recovered Podcast

Serenity is like a gyroscope that lets us keep our balance no matter what turbulence swirls around us. And that is a state of mind worth aiming for.

Smartphone Therapy - Recovered 1179 show art Smartphone Therapy - Recovered 1179

Recovered Podcast

When we stopped drinking, we were told repeatedly to get A.A. people’s telephone numbers, and instead of drinking, to phone or text these people.

Changing Routines - Recovered 1177 show art Changing Routines - Recovered 1177

Recovered Podcast

Some of us insist that it was never the availability of the beverage that led us to drink, any more than the immediate unavailability kept us from that drink we really wanted. We live in a drinking society and we cannot avoid the presence of alcoholic beverages forever.

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When you started recovery, you probably thought that drugs and alcohol were your biggest enemy. You fought hard in early recovery to rid yourself from drugs and alcohol. You probably believed that once you got away from them, your life would be easy again. You would be finally out of trouble. But there is so much more in recovery.

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In early recovery, you learned that overcoming addiction is not easy. It is not just about getting the drugs out of your system — you need to develop a whole new relationship with yourself through meetings and personal growth. As it turns out, addiction isn’t as much about the drugs and alcohol as it is about your physical and mental make-up and your emotional status. Recovery requires a complete personal lifestyle overhaul.

First to mind?
Where do you want to start?
What do you want to say?
What do you want to bring to the new person?

What do you want to get out of recovery?
Did you think that was possible?

What event event, what circumstances, made you believe that recovery was possible for you?

When did you realize that you wanted more than just sobriety?
What was it that you wanted?
How did you work toward it?
How did the program help you work toward that goal?
We asked our listeners about this topic.

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We asked our listeners,
"What part of your program helps you grow?”

Did you take the survey?


What would be your answer?

We can also watch people grow.
One of the best thing about recovery is watching people grow.
Tonight we received an email and I think we can relate to the joy of watching someone grow in this email
Lisa...can you read the email from Jennifer?

How has the program helped you grow spiritually?

Two things that every new person faces and needs to grow out of are:
The desire to escape

Many of us just wanted to escape from life and we found that drugs and alcohol were effective to achieve that goal.
Have you ever suffered with the desire to escape?
How do you deal with this urge?
How has the program helped? (Steps, prayers, fellowship, sponsor, Higher Power, etc.)

When you were new, what were you afraid of?
How has the program helped? Steps, prayers, fellowship, sponsor, Higher Power, etc.)
Today, how do you deal with fear?

They say, Addiction recovery is a long journey to yourself.
What does this mean to you?

Another piece of advice is Personal growth is a lifelong process.
What does this mean to you?

Another slogan is Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.
How do you stay busy, what hobbies do you have?
What hobbies would you recommend for the new person?

Life needs momentum — you have to be working toward something.
What goals are you working on today?
What goals would you recommend for the new person?

What service work are you involved in now?
What service work would you recommend for the new person?

How do you stay healthy and grow?

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If you have experience with
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Now, Let’s take calls
First up, we have

Mike from celebration Florida
Nick from Cassanovia NY


What would you say to the new guy about Growth in recovery?

So Remember; abandon yourself to God and admit your faults. Clear away the wreckage of your past and give freely. God bless and see you next time.