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Speed Presentations: Help Students Improve Presentation Skills Rapidly

10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Release Date: 08/14/2019

Presentation skills are an essential skill for students to master. How do you help students improve when there are many students in the class. Robert Donatelli has a solution: speed presentations. Learn how to use this technique to help students improve their presentation skills.


Professional PD Challenge

Today’s challenge is to try speed presentations in your classroom or in your teacher professional development.

Rob Donatelli - Bio As Submitted

RRob Donatelli is a business & computer science teacher at Dallastown Area High School. He is also the founder of the Donatelli EdZone. His passions include school leadership, education technology, presenting, entrepreneurship, and coaching. Follow him on YouTube at the Donatelli EdZone or on Twitter @DTown_MrD.