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SOTG 879 - Massachusetts Tax Slaves Protest Gun Shop

Student of the Gun Radio

Release Date: 08/23/2019

PFT Equipment Guide and MPD Says “You’re on Your Own” | SOTG 975 show art PFT Equipment Guide and MPD Says “You’re on Your Own” | SOTG 975

Student of the Gun Radio

Professor Paul has a new book, the Patriot Fire Team Equipment Guide. This follow up to the original PFT Manual includes specific details to form and equip your Patriot Fire Team or your Neighborhood Watch with rifles.  What does the Minneapolis Police Department’s advice for the beleaguered people of that city, the citizens being robbed and abused daily? Hold on to your hats. You might not believe the cutting edge crime-fighting plan that the MPD has for you. Also, Paul and Jarrad have an after-action report for you from our most recent Precision Rifle course held here in free America....

Muzzle Brakes and Detroit Don’t Play That | SOTG 974 show art Muzzle Brakes and Detroit Don’t Play That | SOTG 974

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Our Warrior of the Week has a question about muzzle brakes and whether changing out a muzzle device will alter the point of aim on a rifle. Professor Paul is happy to address that subject.  Chief James Craig of the Detroit Police Department joined Tucker Carlson recently to explain why Detroit is NOT having the same rioting problems as many other cities are experiencing. We cannot wait to share this good news with you. What is Goldilocks Perfection? Paul recently completed a detailed review of the Glock 48, 9mm pistol.  Is it too big? Is it too small? Or, is it just right. You decide...

9mm Shortage and Understand the Universal Firearms Safety Rules | SOTG 973 show art 9mm Shortage and Understand the Universal Firearms Safety Rules | SOTG 973

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What are the Universal Firearms Safety Rules? From where did they come? Why are new gun owners so confused about “gun safety rules”? This is an important discussion for new shooters and experienced ones. Can’t find 9mm pistol ammo? During our Brownells Bullet Points, Professor Paul has some advice regarding the current 9x19mm ammunition shortage and how to get the most from your range time. Also, we have a SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters. Have you seen the new Chest Rig from Crossbreed? We produced a video about how to safely and effectively draw from a chest rig and Paul will...

A Warrior in a Garden | SOTG 972 show art A Warrior in a Garden | SOTG 972

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How are you going to become a warrior in a garden? During this episode we consider the road to self-sufficiency. A part of that journey to being more independent is the ability to produce food when needed.  Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week wants to talk about truck guns. Is an AR-style pistol a good truck gun? What exactly is a truck gun and from where did that phrase originate? We are happy to have this talk. What is happening in China and should you care? Are you looking for some unusual entertainment? Professor Paul attended an unusual event this last weekend and will tell you all...

Silver Bullet for CV and Winter is Coming | SOTG 971 show art Silver Bullet for CV and Winter is Coming | SOTG 971

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During our Brownell’s Bullet Points, we pose the question, are you an ant or a grasshopper? Winter is coming for America. What can you and should you be doing to prepare yourself and your family for the upcoming winter? Once more, Professor Paul will read you a piece of classic literature. In some positive news, a doctor in Texas has discovered what may be a Silver Bullet for CV. It’s simple, relatively cheap, and has been found to cure every patient he has tested it on, including a woman going through chemotherapy. We have a Go Team moment to examine during our SOTG Homeroom from...

Sierra Bullets & Rage Against the Dying of the Light | SOTG 970 show art Sierra Bullets & Rage Against the Dying of the Light | SOTG 970

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Professor Paul had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the folks from Sierra Bullets last week. We have an interview with Duane, the senior Ballistic Technician for Sierra and we’ll learn what is going on with that company. We have some culture for you. The Professor will read poetry and discuss his road back as he marks an important anniversary.  Also, we have a Warrior of the Week question. Are there aftermarket pistol magazines upon which you can depend? Paul and Jarrad share their experiences both with high quality and el cheapo magazines. TOPICS COVERED THIS EPISODE ...

Thermacell and Art of War | SOTG 969 show art Thermacell and Art of War | SOTG 969

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Professor Paul will continue with a book study of the Art of War by Sun Tzu. Today, we focus on Book Four of the compilation; How to Think of War.  Are mosquitoes bugging you? Do you want them to fornicate in another direction? We have a serious suggestion for you. Professor Paul swears by this product for keeping annoying bugs away.  During our SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, we will re-examine the Universal Firearms Safety Rules and consider how important they are inside of your home. The safety rules are not just for the shooting range.   Thanks for being a part...

'Rona Panic: Follow the Money | SOTG 968 show art 'Rona Panic: Follow the Money | SOTG 968

Student of the Gun Radio

Follow the money. That advice applies to many situations and it certainly now applies to the CoronaVirus pandemic. Who would stand to benefit from Orange County, CA overinflating the number of CV-19 cases? We will tell you just how much money California received. Also, who is financially benefiting from mandatory mask orders? Who are the big companies making masks and which politicians are getting money from those companies?  Remember the new book from our friend and author, Nicholas Orr. Sin City, the Operator, Book 2 is out as a Kindle version and Amazon paperback.   Thanks...

Good News: Protests Don’t Spread the Virus | SOTG 967 show art Good News: Protests Don’t Spread the Virus | SOTG 967

Student of the Gun Radio

We have great news, apparently, protests don’t spread the Kung flu virus. According to a report by economists and reported by Forbes.com, protesting is actually good for the virus. Now that we know that, let’s all protest. Someone has been working overtime. During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, we will find out which company has been working overtime to make sure Brownells can give you what you need. It’s summertime and it’s hot out. Professor Paul and Jarrad have some concealed carry tips for you during this week’s SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters. Also, Professor Paul...

Generation Fright: Are We Raising Fearful Kids? | SOTG 966 show art Generation Fright: Are We Raising Fearful Kids? | SOTG 966

Student of the Gun Radio

Will the current generation of kids be Generation Fright? We consider whether or not we are allowing our children to be raised in constant fear. We also have positive and productive ways to raise fearless kids in a cowardly world. During our Warrior of the Week segment, Professor Paul actually has a question for all of you. What gift did you give to the USA for its birthday? Fear not, it isn’t too late to give our country a belated birthday gift. We have more news and insider information regarding new books, projects, and platforms. Be sure to listen louder to every episode. Thanks for being...

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Dozens of spineless, tax slaves in Massachusetts demonstrated their collective weakness and ignorance by protesting a gun shop in Dedham last week. They claim that the presence of the gun shop will physically and mentally harm the children. 

Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about recommended ways to carry your sidearm with on a motorcycle or bicycle. Professor Paul and Jarrad offer a few solutions. 

During our Quiet Time segment from SilencerShop.com, Professor Paul has a couple of quotes from Daniel Webster, a brilliant statesman, wordsmith, and defender of the Constitution. He also has another homework assignment for you. 

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    • TOPIC:  Daniel Webster Quote-  Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern.
      If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering and to prosper; but if we and our posterity neglect its instructions and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity.
  • Protesters of planned Dedham gun store say it's too close to parks & schools www.boston25news.com
  • Heated debate as MA lawmakers consider expanding abortion access www.masslive.com


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From www.boston25news.com:

Dozens of people gathered in Dedham on Sunday to protest the upcoming opening of a gun shop. Those in attendance said it's too close to parks and schools. J & J Arms plans to open in September at 224 Bussey Street.

Those who oppose it said they may not be able to stop its grand opening, but they're hoping to change the laws to prevent future shops from coming to town.

"This is not the right place for a gun store, it just doesn't make any sense," said Adam Satriano of Dedham.

(Click Here for Full Article)


From www.masslive.com:

Outside the Massachusetts Statehouse on Monday, rally attendees leveled charges of infanticide against those who support expanding abortion rights. Inside, supporters touted their bill as a compassionate way to help a small number of women in tragic circumstances.

Lawmakers on the Judiciary Committee held a hearing Monday on the ROE Act, a controversial bill to expand access to abortion sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tempore Patricia Haddad, D-Somerset, Rep. Jay Livingstone, D-Boston, and Senate President Emerita Harriette Chandler, D-Worcester.

(Click Here for Full Article)