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The Drama Behind Hearing No in Network Marketing

Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

Release Date: 09/02/2019

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Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

I’m Jackie Ulmer and today’s Monday Motivation Minute is brought to you by StreetSmartWealth.com

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I’m Jackie Ulmer and today’s Monday Motivation Minute is brought to you by http://StreetSmartWealth.com 

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The Drama Behind Hearing No in Network Marketing

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Few things upset a new Network Marketer than hearing the word no about their business.

Whether it’s about the products, which you are SO excited about; or the opportunity itself, which you can’t BELIEVE not everyone would say yes to.

So, let’s talk about The Drama Behind Hearing No in Network Marketing

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Mind Drama
Stories We Make Up
Handling Shutdowns and Nos
Other People’s Opinions 
Timeline of Success
Your Posture and Follow Up
The Power of Vision = Beckwith

Mind Drama

I don’t know when or where it happens in our lives that so many of us get caught up in drama. Mostly Mind Drama.

Instead of just looking at something as it is - a circumstance with no feelings emotion or belief attached to it, we feel compelled to make up a story. For almost any circumstance or situation we find ourselves in.

This is pure mind drama and it will derail you from any goal you try to achieve if you let it.

It has many names.

It’s that small, still voice that chides you gently and reminds you that you can’t possibly achieve what you have set out to do.

Sometimes, it’s that loud voice. That monkey that sits on your shoulder.

Sometimes that voice has a name. A family member, good friend, bully from the playground.

If you close your eyes I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Recognize this for what it is - Mind Drama.

Stories We Make Up

Mind drama is what leads us to make up stories.

These stories are nothing more than thoughts we had about a circumstance, that we formed into a belief.

You have many of them, I’m sure. Especially about Network Marketing and your ability to be successful.

We start doubting one thing….and then another….and then another.

We start buying into that lie we have been telling ourselves for far too long -

That we don’t measure up; that we aren’t good enough; 

We look at what other people are doing; we look at their success; we see them on the top of the Leader Boards; crossing the stage with a big check; going on VIP cruises and trips!
We get so bogged down with the mindset pitfalls,
We MUST get out of our own head - it’s a scary place.  Because it’s in our minds that we create our own stories about experiences and perceptions.
I’m not as good as so and so…
I don’t have what it takes…
I can’t figure it out….
I should have never even started….
I’m a LOSER…..

We create big stories in our head that crush our confidence, shatter our belief and bring us down.

And, we have all been there with that small, annoying voice that whispers in our ear -
Who do you think you are? You aren’t as good as so and so…
How come YOU aren’t at the top level of your company?
You don’t have what it takes…
You should just stick to what you know…

NONE of this is true. These are just those little run away thoughts that you have let go crazy and turn into beliefs that are now thwarting your success.

Handling Shutdowns and Nos

I had a neighbor in my life, way back when I started my Network Marketing journey. She will forever be known to me as “Mean Janeen!”

Listen to the show to hear the story.

Here are some things you must know about your entrepreneurial journey,.

First, not everyone is going to tell you yes, and you may hear a few no's before you get to some yeses. If you know this going in, and are prepared for it, then you will be expecting to hear no from some who you are hoping will join you.
Can you prepare for that now? Can you handle it if and when they say no?
Here is one thing I assure you – if you will stick with your business; develop your business skills and keep following up with those who you have talked to previously, many of those will come back and say YES at a later time. That is my story. I said no WAY before I said yes. Nothing had changed in the business, products, compensation plan, etc, when I decided to say yes. What had changed was ME. I was now ready.
Remember, other people can only affect you if YOU allow them to. Their opinion does not reflect on you, your company and products, or your decision, It's simply a reflection of them, and where they are in their life right now. And, if someone happens to be mean or nasty about it, then that speaks a bit to character and their own insecurities, in my opinion.

http://StreetSmartWealthAcademy.com has some great training on powerful answers and “come backs” when people get arrogant with you!

So, again, some close to you will say no; some may laugh; some may be mean. NONE of them matter. Be prepared going in but understand timing and follow up. Will you prepare for that now? People will commit and then no show; they will let you down. Detach from the outcome. It is NOT about you.

Other People’s Opinions

Other People’s Opinions about what you are doing and decisions you’ve made in your life and career don’t reflect on you, your company, products or your decision. Remember Mean Janeen. 

When you start to feel down, ask yourself -
Do they make my house payment; my car payment? Send my kids to college? Pay for braces and karate lessons?

What do you do when they live in your home, and maybe sleep in your bed (spouse.) Don’t push; don’t hide; share with “I” statements. Negative reinforcement.

"You can't really have an opinion about what I am doing if you haven't even seen what it is. If you would like to look it over and then give me an educated opinion, I would love to have that conversation."

The Timeline of Success

Understand the timeline of success. In the beginning, it feels like you are doing a LOT of work for little to no pay. And, you are! It’s like a scale that is weighted at one end. Over time, as you stay consistent, it begins to balance with time and pay, and pretty soon, it tips to the side where you are working the same or less time, and making a WHOLE lot of pay.

Remember, you are building ongoing income and like compound interest, in the beginning, it seems so slow.

Also, understand the timeline of others. Some will come in right away, some will over time, some never will. Some will work their business right away, some will over time, and some never will.

As YOU stay consistent, you will create that tipping scale that leans in your favor!
Set realistic goals and expectations and avoid “buyers remorse.”
2-5 year plan and your first 90 days are critical.

Your Posture and Follow Up

We all have “Posture” when we discuss various things; especially those things we feel passionate about.
How are you showing up? What’s your posture like?
One thing I really want to stress – when people are negative or ask – is this MLM – what they want to see is YOUR belief. Make sure you have it!

Avoid making claims you won’t live up to. Team members tell me all of the time “what they are going to do” before they do it, and then they don’t. My mantra is - don’t tell me before, go do it and tell me after. It’s much more empowering for both of us.

How are you showing up? On time; keep commitments and follow ups; be bold; don’t apologize - you are not asking for a favor, you are offering a gift or an opportunity.

Posture is how you feel and how you express it. It’s in asking questions and not being defensive.

It’s not being salesy and hypey! 

And, never neglect to follow up with anyone who tells you no at first. We wouldn’t be having this conversation today had I not seen the opportunity again after I said no the first time.

Lives change; situations change; be there for that change; and keep showing up.

Amateurs show up every once in a while, they flake out on commitments, they get caught up in drama on Facebook; and make tons of excuses why the whole world has conspired against them to make things impossible.,

Now, who’s the pro?

Shows up on time, gets things done, takes things seriously. They don’t let something or someone else sweep their to do list off the table, to be replaced by meaningless junk. 

If you were the best in the world in your business or what you are working toward, how would you behave? How would you show up each day?

What would others say about you?

Are you following through? Are you keeping your word? Are you producing no matter what? IF not, you are not operating at pro level. 

The Power of Vision = Beckwith

Pain pushes you until vision pulls you.  – Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Without a vision, the people perish.

What is your vision for your life? Your Business? Your success?

Without a new, compelling one that you are drawn to, you will likely stay right where you are.

Get clear on and committed your vision today.

Mind drama will hold you back in every aspect of your life.

You’ve got to get past those false stories you’ve been running through your head. Stories that don’t serve you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Stories that aren’t even true.

If you take a look at where you are in your business, and you are not thrilled with it; answer this question.

What is holding you back from being where you want to be? Is it mind drama? Drama around the word no; other people’s opinions? You own opinions about yourself?

We have a powerful module called “Managing Your Mindset” in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

If you will spend a little time in these lessons s daily or weekly; you will see a huge shift in your business and your life.

What would that be worth to you? To have the success you desire show up easily and effortlessly?

Join us - StreetSmartWealthjAcademy.com

I’ll see you on the inside and remember this - “Hesitation NEVER cashed a check.”