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Convince Me Masterclass

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Release Date: 10/17/2019

Chairman of Signature Bank - Scott Shay show art Chairman of Signature Bank - Scott Shay

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Scott Shay is the Chairman and co-founder of Signature Bank of New York, which started with no deposits and has become a $50 billion bank. Before founding the bank, he also had a successful career on Wall Street.  Most recently he has released a new book, "In Good Faith: Questioning Religion and Atheism"

The Secret Weapon - Choose People show art The Secret Weapon - Choose People

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

In episode 536 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do", host Thom Singer does a quick catch up about the podcast and his career. 

The Austin Agency with Reuben Abootorabi show art The Austin Agency with Reuben Abootorabi

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Reuben Abootorabi is an award-winning hunter who loves getting "the impossible" meetings for his clients with decision makers they are dying to meet. Modelled on the high touch and relationship centric Creative Artist Agency in Hollywood, Reuben founded The Austin Agency to help the companies he works with win more business and outperform their competition. In spare time he loves to travel, read thought provoking books, and Texas two stepping at a local watering hole.  

Strategy Driven Leadership with Richard Citrin show art Strategy Driven Leadership with Richard Citrin

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Richard Citrin bridges the gap between business, psychology and entrepreneurship. He draws on his deep experience as a health care entrepreneur, clinical psychologist, corporate executive and leadership coach to present his insights and ideas in a practical and powerful manner that creates real change and success for his clients whether they are corporate executives or the small businessman trying to grow his or her enterprise.

The Fastest Growing Company You Have Never Heard Of show art The Fastest Growing Company You Have Never Heard Of

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Episode 533 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" is co-produced in partnership with the Austin Technology Council, the largest tech industry organization in Central Texas. ATC empowers members by using insights, resources, and connections so their members can succeed and thrive. This episode is an in-depth interview with Mathias Ihlenfeld, the CEO and Founder of woom bikes USA . Check out this conversation about life, entrepreneurship, and Austin.

Ben Lamm from Hypergiant show art Ben Lamm from Hypergiant

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

On episodes 532 Thom Singer sits down to chat about business with Ben Lamm.  Ben is the co-founder and CEO of Hypergiant Industries.  He is a serial tech entrepreneur with a lot of great experience and advice.

Christie Woods: Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coach show art Christie Woods: Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

On episode 531 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" Thom Singer interviews Christie Woods.  Christie has had an interesting life and career Miss Teen USA, a television actress, a wife and mother, a two-time contestant on "The Amazing Race", and a successful relationship coach.  Her husband, Colin Guinn, was the guest on episode 479 talking about the drone industry and their Amazing Race victory in 2019.  In this interview we get to meet Christie and learn about her success in life and business. 

Interview with Jim Cathcart show art Interview with Jim Cathcart

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

In this episode Thom Singer sits down with Jim Cathcart to talk about his life long career as a speaker.  Jim started out seeking his path, but took him several jobs before finding his passion to educate others.  Jim is the first guest ever on "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" to admit to having once been a door to door donut salesperson (Ha ha).  This is also the only episode where the guest took out his guitar and played a song in the middle of the interview.

Common Sense and Logic Never Go Out of Style with Jenny de St Georges show art Common Sense and Logic Never Go Out of Style with Jenny de St Georges

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Thom Singer invites Jenny de St Georges to episode 529 of "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" to talk about building a business.  Jenny has an impacting story of how she started her speaking business talking specifically to dentists.  Her success over the decades has been unparalleled in the world of speaking and training.  She gives advice that come from doing.  She has lived the entrepreneur life.

Transparency Sale with Todd Caponi  show art Transparency Sale with Todd Caponi

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Todd Caponi has spent a lifetime in sales and been the VP of Sales and / or Chief Revenue Officer for several companies.  Through his real life experience he has created this amazing content that will help you and your company succeed more.  In this episode he shares great advice for entrepreneurs and others about how to get things done in the world of selling.

More Episodes
On episode 503 of the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" podcast, host Thom Singer sits down with Adele Cehrs and Chip Massey to talk about the upcoming Convince Me Masterclass.  
Adelel is an exert in crisis communications and PR who knows what businesses need to do in all situations.  Chip is a former FBI hostage negotiator who sees the world through that lens. Together they are hosting a "MUST ATTEND EVENT" in New York City on November 4th. 
*Use FBI tactics to boost your ROI
*Learn no-brainers, bias, and psychological nudges that influence
*Scan a room for conflict cues
*Tap into the neuroscience of persuasion
*Break through emotional resistance
*Make smart decisions with little information and less time
*Combine bad cop and good cop techniques to get your way
*Anticipate and plan for business crisis
*Build and maintain trust
These are just a few of the killer skills you can learn from crisis communications expert Adele Cehrs and former FBI special agent and hostage negotiator Chip Massey.
The two have combined their strategic disciplines to create an innovative, one-of-a-kind masterclass designed to boost your powers of persuasion – and your ROI.
The workshop will begin with a series of challenging interactive video scenarios. Then, you’ll hear presentations from Chip, Adele, and their guest colleague Jeff Hurt, world-renowned learning and experience design expert and take part in some hands-on exercises.
After participating in this event attendees will be able to:
✓ Evaluate conversational strategies and determine which is best for which situations
✓ Access how the words you use impact the emotions and decisions people make
✓ Elaborate on how to identify the audience’s emotional state and the directions you should take to progress
✓ Walk away with a playbook for using your emotions wisely
✓ Be empowered to practice and use these strategies and tactics to successfully navigate business and life
✓ Explore effective communications techniques that allow you to be the calmest person in the room and an attractive magnet
✓ Understand and apply the difference between being prepared and planning
✓ Tap into the neuroscience of persuasion
✓ How to have difficult conversations that matter
✓ Increase trust in you as a leader and within your organization
✓ Access your words without emotional hijacking your clients, peers or employees
✓ Moving from being “me” centric to become “we” centric
✓ Learn the neuroscience of conversations (CIQ)
✓ Manage your own emotions and your team effectively in challenging situations
✓ You’ll leave with a whole new set of communication skills plus a copy of our Emotional Playbook.



Adele Cehrs

Heralded as a crisis communications expert, by the Wall Street Journal Adele Cehrs has worked with high-profile clients like Vice President Joe Biden, the CEO of Lockheed Martin Marillyn Hewson and the owner of the Washington Monumental Sports Ted Leonsis.

She has spoken at the United Nations and her talk was broadcast on United Nations Television and translated into eight languages. She is the author of the book: Spike Your Brand ROI: How to Maximize Results.


Chip Massey

Former FBI hostage negotiator and special agent, Chip Massey is a partner at the When and How Agency and helps companies like Goldman Sachs, MetLife.

He has worked with the CIA to track down spies, lead high-profile criminal cases, and counter-terrorism investigations. Worked extensively in crisis situations, international kidnappings and fugitive apprehensions.