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Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Exploring the gap between potential and results in business. This is a podcast for people who seek success as an entrepreneur or solopreneur. If you desire motivation, ideas, inspiration, and the chance to learn from people who are living their dreams, then “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” should be added to your subscribed “must hear” podcasts. This show was created to help people get “unstuck” in their careers and for those who feel their ladder is against the wrong wall. Each episode brings you the successful stories of entrepreneurship. Goal setting, mentorship, mastermind groups, mindset, marketing, sales, millionaires, career path, peak performance, thinking bigger, networking, enthusiasm, re-invention, leveling up, and financial planning are just some of the topics that are covered each week. Thom Singer is the author of 12 books and has been the featured speaker at over 700 business and association events. Join him on this journey and become part of the “Cool Things” community. #solopreneurs #entrepreneurs #business #biztips

info_outline Talking Potential with Kevin Eikenberry 09/12/2019
info_outline Companies and Community 09/10/2019
info_outline ATC 2019 Scaling Series 09/06/2019
info_outline Challenge Yourself 09/03/2019
info_outline Attention Management 08/29/2019
info_outline Help Others 08/28/2019
info_outline Duct Tape Marketing 08/22/2019
info_outline Help Others Challenge 08/20/2019
info_outline Artist as Entrepreneur 08/15/2019
info_outline Plans, Passion, Purpose, and People 08/13/2019
info_outline New Orleans Entrepreneurship 08/08/2019
info_outline Getting Referrals 08/06/2019
info_outline Rocket Dollar 08/01/2019
info_outline Joining Associations 07/30/2019
info_outline Drone Industry and The Amazing Race 07/25/2019
info_outline Survivor's Rupert Boneham 07/23/2019
info_outline Career in Comedy with Rik Roberts 07/18/2019
info_outline Growth and Shift with Justin Schenck 07/16/2019
info_outline Yancey Strickler: Co-Founder of Kickstarter 07/11/2019
info_outline Business with Pleasure 07/10/2019
info_outline TLC - Talent, Leadership, and Culture: Austin Technology July Episode 07/04/2019
info_outline Being an Entrepreneur Can Be Lonely 07/02/2019
info_outline A Conversation with Larry Albukerk 06/27/2019
info_outline The New Networking for Business 06/25/2019
info_outline UnAmerican Dream 06/20/2019
info_outline How To Stay Focused At Work 06/19/2019
info_outline Tim Campos - CEO of Woven 06/13/2019
info_outline Edmit CEO Nick Ducoff 06/11/2019
info_outline The Mentor Method 06/06/2019
info_outline Business Motivation 06/04/2019