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Goal Setting In a Whole New Way

Street Smart Wealth Business and Sales Confidence

Release Date: 11/25/2019

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You’re listening to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show #345 and today, we are going to change the way you look at and DO Goal Setting..

Show notes 345.streetsmartwealth.me

Welcome to today’s show and I am thrilled you are joining me. If you are new, I hope you’ll stick around, listen to some back shows, especially 334

If you’ve been with me awhile - THANK YOU!! I’ve been on a bit of a recording hiatus as I have been working on several new projects; I’ve been speaking locally and building a large client base here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

It’s a dream come true, marketing both online and offline, and watching the two overlap. I’ve created a new video series available to you with worksheets to walk through some of the primary challenges more and more people are experiencing these days -


Imposter Syndrome

Other People’s Opinions

Not Feeling Good enough or like we measure up

Access those at ConfidenceDecoded.com

I would love to hear your thoughts.

These are the worksheets and processes that I used to grow myself and then grow my business. It worked for me and I know it will for you, too, if you do the work.

Do you get my Sunday Brunch series each week? And do you have my Social Media Success Kit?

Go to StreetSmartWealth.me now and get added so you get the nuggets.

It’s that time of year - about to close out one year and on to a new one.

An exciting one - 20/20 - how do you feel about that? Does it feel different.

It does for me. I’m energized by it. I’ve been journaling about it for a long time. Doing my daily thought downloads and planning your the year in my 5 F areas -

Faith  Family/Friends  Fun  Fitness   Finances

It’s amazing what being intentional and consistent can create for you.

I started a fitness challenge that I put together with my daughter and it really whipped my butt into shape.

You’ve likely heard my 10,000 steps journey story and how it has changed my life.


This was more than about setting a goal. It was about a committed intention.

Do you set goals? Do you get goals?

Are your eyes glazed over, thinking about Goal Setting? You may be thinking “I have already learned this SO MANY TIMES.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


Goal Setting From a Place of Abundance

Your First Thoughts Around Your Goals

Getting Specific

What to Watch Out For


Goal Setting From a Place of Abundance


I don’t know about you, but my goal on this earth is to be the best version of myself that I can be. To show up in the best way for myself and all who are around me.


With this thought always squarely in my mind and front and center, it makes it so much easier to direct my thoughts.


Try it - when you think about the “Best version of you”, how do you feel? Write those feelings down so you can always come back to them.


Put them on a note on your phone. Seriously get into the practice of being with these more positive feelings on a regular basis.


When I approach goal setting, I start by directing my brain specifically. And, I get into a good thinking and feeling place.


Give your brain a direction and a focus to follow. If you don’t harness your brain and your thoughts, you aren’t likely to get what you desire. Structure and supervision is critical to success.


You can predict where you will be in your life when you pay attention to what you are telling your brain. What have you told it so far?


What results do you desire in your life?


When was the last time you dreamed. Not in your sleep, but in your waking hours? Are you spending most of your time reacting and putting out fires?


We have become hard wired to think of goals and wants from a place of scarcity; of lack; in a painful way.


We’ve become afraid to dream because it feels hurtful and sad. And, getting into this place is exactly what we need to do and where we need to go so we can break through those obstacles.


We will only break through our limiting beliefs by first facing them.


Then, we can move to a place of goal setting from a place of abundance.


Your First Thoughts Around Your Goals


Typically, we think about everything that we WANT but don’t have when we start goal setting. Those are our first thoughts.


Listen to my show from Thanksgiving 326a.StreetSmartWealth.me


Now, I want you to start the goal setting process by thinking of everything you now have that you REALLY, TRULY want and love. Not exactly from a place of gratitude, but from a true, goal setting want.


I’ll share a few of mine.


“I REALLY want an amazing marriage to the man of my dreams. I REALLY want two high functioning children who are doing good work in the world. I REALLY want a calm, beautiful space to work and live. I REALLY want to be in nature regularly. I really want to be taking care of my body and health.”


Guess what?


I have all of these things now. And, I expect them; work to have them; appreciate and am grateful for them.


When you are feeling caught in the struggle, it can be hard to see all the things we appreciate.


You may be thinking initially, “All I do is work and strive and try and never quite get there.”


Maybe you don’t like aspects of your life. I get that. All of us can find some good in everything though, when we refocus how we look at things.


Stop for a minute and get fully centered in the present of where you are now. Listen to your thoughts, feel the feelings and while staying connected, do a pattern interrupt to stop that flow.


Clap your hands. Do a quick dance. Snap a rubber band on your wrist.


Stay connected but shift the thought AFTER you own it, feel it and then decide and direct your brain to move on from it.


There are no thoughts from your past that have to equal your future or change where it is you truly want to go, YOU and you alone get to choose.



Getting Specific


What is the next experience you want in your life? Not necessarily an income goal but let’s say an experience. Travel, or something.


Don’t worry about the how.


Here’s my example -


In September, 2021, my husband and I are going on a first class river cruise in Europe. We will fly first class on American Airlines (paid, and confirmed, not free); we will have a balcony suite; and add extra time before and after the trip.


The more specific the better. Get detailed. Have FUN! Let yourself go wild!



What to Watch Out For


Guess what happens next? Yep, your brain and thoughts might try to derail you.


Negative emotions settles in - fear, doubt, self judgement….


You are going to want to find the how. That’s when your brain will begin to block you. Forget it for now. It will show up - the how. The why and the thrill of it are the most important to get your thoughts and feelings going, to move you into action and results.


“I don’t know” is a dangerous place to be. A major dream stealer so don’t go there.


Your brain always looks for what you tell it to look for, so if you are really stretching it, it’s going to immediately say - “Uh, we have not had this before so I don’t think so….”


I want you to just accept that feeling, that negative emotion and then grab back that feeling of abundance and just tell your brain - “I know, and here is the really cool thing - we are going to create a new experience and change the direction of our life.”


When you get that feeling that says - I don’t know. Maybe I can’t do this.


Now is when you get out your journal and do a download of all of these thoughts. All of the negative energy.


Then, take your mind to a future place; where you have accomplished this goal. Write it out. Read it. Feel it.


Let go of any negative that comes up in a lighthearted way. Laugh, giggle and say - oh just you wait!


It’s a lot with that like that quote, “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

Think about this for a minute.

Go to the future place where it’s already done. See yourself there. Don’t see yourself where you are now.

See and meet your mind from a place of knowing. That is powerful. Then, from that place, you write your action plan. That’s the how.

When I decided to be successful in NWM, I didn’t know how. I had not done it.

Nor built online

started a podcast

built a site and blog

What I did know is that I could follow instructions; a path; someone to lead the way.

I didn’t know how to make my first million dollars, exactly. I knew it had been done, though.  So, I actually DID know. I knew if I followed someone else’s lead I could do it too.

And so can you.

It’s so very important to break goals down into small steps. If you have a year-long goal, you need to break it down by month. Then week and then day.

The more detail you can give yourself about your action plan for your goal, the better.

What are you willing to do to achieve and master your goals? Learning, trying testing and more?


As we remove obstacles and limiting beliefs, we grow in our ability to create more of what we want.


We don’t have to believe any negatived thoughts. You can acknowledge it as a thought, and then choose to change that thought.



Remember, we are giving our brain a direction and a focus. Thoughts create feelings, which drive our actions and our results.


We are going to have results, no matter what. No matter how we direct our brain, so why not CHOOSE the way you want it to go.


It’s time to step out of the comfort zone and get to where you want to be!


20/20 is coming


NOW, is your time.


Get my new video training series for sure -


Listen, watch, study, learn and apply. You will change your thoughts, results and life through this process. It’s worked for everyone who has ever truly committed to it.

Show notes - 345.StreetSmartWealth.me

Thanks for your time. I know how precious it is. See you on the next show.