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How to Deal with Uncomfortable Emotions


Release Date: 01/13/2020

Completion show art Completion


Today’s episode is about completion.    HUH? What does this have to do with self-love or mindfulness?    When we don’t complete our tasks, it chips at our self worth. If we have a running list of all the things we need to do, this ever growing list can feel overwhelming, anxiety inducing and stressful.   Completion of our tasks builds self worth, confidence and relieves stress.   Journal:  What projects or tasks have I left unfinished? (this could be as simple as finishing reading a book, or sending out an email to a larger project or dream) What...

Self Love Meditation show art Self Love Meditation


This week, many people are celebrating Valentine’s Day. But what about self-love and celebrating yourself? In today’s meditation, we’ll invite the mantra: AHEM PREMA, which in Sanskrit translates into  “I am love”   I hope today’s meditation helps you feel more at ease within yourself and a warmth that you are enough and you matter   Sending you lots of love Audrey   Want to dive in deeper? Download your free to create a mini-retreat to gain clarity of what you want and how you want to feel this year. And join me!!! 👇🏼 🌴beautiful in April for...

What is Life teaching you? show art What is Life teaching you?


I just finished my book! Well, my 2nd draft of this book (that I started 11 years ago!?, and just recently picked it back up). Life is always speaking to us…are we listening? In today’s intention and reflection, I’ll guide you to look back at your challenges and see what Life was trying to teach you. What are you experiencing NOW that you can learn from? I finished my book with my own reflection of my challenges:  my divorce taught me to learn to love myself so I could find love again burnout and the uncertainty of a major career change taught me to really know myself and find my...



This week’s podcast is about giving yourself permission to experience more abundance and luxury AND to do something that feels luxurious each day.  Jake and I finally celebrated my birthday night out in a luxurious hotel nearby. We went to dinner and sat by the hotel fire and connected. It was a Monday and we arrived to the hotel at 5pm and left at 9:30am for work, but that one night felt very luxurious. Maybe it’s because we haven’t had a night away from the kids in 4 years or maybe it’s because I’m a mom of a 2 and 5 year old, and “luxury” these days is removing my toe...

Tune into your Truth (meditation) show art Tune into your Truth (meditation)


Last week I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at a weekend long writers retreat, and you know what I learned?   We are not alone in our fears and we have the same universal desires to feel seen, connected, signifiant.    What’s the ONE thing that gets in the way?   Our Itty-Bitty-shitty-Committee!   I’m writing about it in my book. I speak and teach alot about quieting it? WHY?   Because if we listen to it, it will sabotage our dreams, demolish our self worth and just keep us stuck in scarcity and fear.   In this week’s MINDFUL PAUSE PODCAST...

The ONLY question you need to ask yourself show art The ONLY question you need to ask yourself


Setting a new year’s goal, resolution or an intention can get complicated. Our mind wants to figure it all out, work backwards to make our goal happen.   In today’s meditation, you just need to ask your heart ONE question to gain crystal clear, potent clarity.   💫 What do I want? 💫   Resist the need to ask Why, When or How questions right now. These tend to be answered from our mind to try to figure out a solution or plan.   Just ask: What do I want most? And How do I want to feel?   Let yourself get quiet and listen to the whisper of your heart.  ...

ENVISION and RECEIVE free retreat show art ENVISION and RECEIVE free retreat


Happy New Year friend!   Join me in a New Year mini-retreat to create a soft place to land so you can tune into your heart and gain clarity of what you want to create, experience and feel in the most loving ways.   for your workbook to start your 1-hour workshop of reflection + envisioning + receiving your gifts that only you have.   When you quiet your mind, you can hear the whisper of your heart that speaks the truth of what you yearn for and what you need to nourish yourself and your dreams.   It’s not through goal setting, striving or pushing yourself to do more, but...

End of Year Reflection Meditation show art End of Year Reflection Meditation


Today’s my birthday! On my birthday (or the end of the year) I love to create a soft place to land and reflect on what I’ve learned and who I’m becoming.   Set aside 10 minutes to listen to TODAY’S MEDITATION to reflect and appreciate who you are and journal:   ·      What do you want to release/clear? ·      What are the lessons you’ve learned? ·      What are you most proud of? ·      What inspires you about yourself? ·      What do...

Notice the Sparkle show art Notice the Sparkle


A few weeks ago, we took a drive up to Mount Rainier with the kids and on our way up, Hunter, my 5-year old exclaimed, “WOW look at the snow sparkling!” The bright white walls of snow piled on the side of the highway indeed were glistening in the sunshine like tiny crystals sparkling. I wouldn’t have noticed it, but children are so present they notice every detail of Life. What if we could sprinkle a little bit of that childlike wonder and presence throughout our day? So often we miss the little moments of sparkle because we’re lost in our mind. When we recycle past stories, rehash...

Healing from the Loss of a Loved One show art Healing from the Loss of a Loved One


The Holidays can be a special time but it can also bring a lot of uneasy emotions such as sadness and grief while missing a loved one. This meditation will help you be with all of your emotions and invite your loved one to be with you during this sacred experience to feel their love and presence. This meditation was vulnerable and you’ll hear me tear up right there with you at the end. You are not alone in your grief. Through this daily practice of connecting with my dad (who was MY person), I can tell you that this is the biggest way I’ve been able to get through my grief. I can’t say...

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I’m gonna tell you a story about myself that I’m really ashamed of. I’m afraid you’ll judge me and look down on me. I already beat myself up enough about it and I came to the realization that it’s important to share our scars and be vulnerable so we can heal together.

We’ve all allowed our emotions to run away with us, sometimes so much, it causes shame and regret.

In the moment, it’s human nature to not want to feel negative emotions, pain or shame, so we do all sorts of things to try to get rid of these feelings that we don’t want to experience.

I invite you to invite them in and be grateful for these heavy emotions and feelings. They are your own special gurus, showing up exactly at the right time to teach you what you need to ground you back to your Soul.

So, here’s my story, but I warn you, I’m super embarrassed and ashamed of it. It’s beyond stupid and extremely petty, and just thinking about it makes me feel like a schmuck.

But this is real life stuff that we stress over. Often the matter that occupies our minds are trivial, negative and makes no rational sense.

On that night where my mind was going in a million directions, I had to invite my jealousy and shame to learn from them.

I came across an old friend on instagram and she had 60,000+ followers. Instead of feeling happy for her, I immediately felt hot with jealousy and comparison. How did she go from having a few hundred followers to having 60,000 followers in 6 months? Yup, I warned ya, very petty.

After a range of emotions: jealousy, insecurity, judgement, comparison and guilt, then shame showed up at the end of my turbulent cycle in my mind to really stick it to me and make me feel like crap. Instead of being happy for her, I was upset. By. The. Number. Of. Followers?!…how small and unimportant! I was embarrassed for even feeling this way and wasting so much mental energy on a lame topic.

Shame beats us up and kicks our ass like no other. I felt shame for being so insecure and jealous. I felt like a loser for being upset about something so insignificant. I felt like a bad friend. A bad person. Comparing myself to her made me feel disappointed in myself. I felt like an ungrateful failure. I should know better than to feel so begrudging. More shame.

The truth is, her content is really good! She’s sharing knowledge about boundaries and parenting and she’s changing people’s lives for the better. In fact, you’ll get to meet Courtney Burg next week on the podcast. She’s amazing! (We even talk about my jealousy).

I tried to rationalize my feelings. I was proud of her and happy for her for success, so why was I so jealous at the same time? I didn’t want to feel this way.

We used to be really good friends and would talk about inspirational books we read or the latest Super Soul Sunday episode and how we wanted to be Oprah and influence the world.

She was doing it. I was not.

At least this was the story in my head.

Obviously, you’re here reading this, and I’m so grateful you’re with me this far. But that’s the silly thing about our mind. It can run wild and crazy with destructive, irrational thoughts. Have you been there too?

The harder I tried to push away the feelings, the louder they got.

I ping ponged this story and beat myself up until I looked at the clock and it was 3:45am! I had to be up in a few hours and had been on a hamster wheel replaying this story for 3 hours letting these toxic thoughts steel my sleep. I got sick the next morning.

So, how do we quiet the chatter when we’re in the middle of a boiling pot of emotions?

I had to get still. Even meditation didn’t help. The emotions were too intense. I channeled my dad who was my biggest advocate and gave the best guidance. I asked for an intervention in my chaotic mind.

When I finally connected to my breath and slowed down my heart, I heard his voice, “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. We all have gifts. Come from abundance and you’ll receive abundance.”

It was the perfect advice.

You have no control over your thoughts and emotions. They will come and go.

Instead of pushing them away, allow yourself to experience ALL emotions and thoughts. It’s how you react to them that matters. The good news is, this is under your control.

As a new mom, I think about how I’m going to talk to Hunter when she’s jealous of someone or when she feels bad about herself. Just like I would teach her, I’m also learning to treat myself with love, kindness and grace.

The way we would want to be treated, is also how we need to treat our emotions. Not something to be ashamed of, but see them with love, kindness and grace.

Here’s a simple way to sit with your emotions without letting them get the best of you. It’s simple, but not easy.  It is a practice that has to be done constantly whenever you’re triggered. When you fall off (and you will because you’re human) and your emotions run away with you, come back to grace. You can always start again. That’s the practice.

  1. AWARENESS: Be aware of the emotion without getting caught in the drama. Come into the present moment by being present with your feelings. Refrain from Rumination. Put your hand on your heart and label the emotion you’re feeling. Usually your trigger is something to do with what you want or don’t want. Witness what you’re resisting.
  2. BREATHE: Breathe deeply for 5 intentional breaths and feel your heart.
  3. BE WITH THE EMOTION: Witness the sensation and hold space around it. Instead of letting the story boil with hot sensation, be in the simmer of the feelings. After a while of deep breathing, that sensation will soften. Even just sitting with it for a few seconds is a big win. Pema Chodron, author of Living Beautifully tells us to repeat, “This is my experience right now, and it’s okay.” Then go through into the next moment without any agenda.

I’m not proud of this story. It’s petty and embarrassing and I’m really ashamed of myself. But I share it with you to show you my scars, so we can heal together. All of our emotions are valid.

The work is to love your whole self and learn tools to become your highest self. When you fall out of alignment with your higher self, come back to grace instead of judgment.

You’re not supposed to be perfect. You are perfectly flawed and fabulous.  You don’t have to become something you’re not. Just become more of yourself.

It’s all about coming back to this moment. In this moment you can change.

Welcome your emotions. All of your emotions, not just the ones you like. They are your personal gurus to help ground you back to your truth. You are enough. You matter. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Let's talk more about it on instagram and my blog!