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Soul Talk with Sahar

Release Date: 10/28/2014

Podcast interview with USA Naturopath Karen Klickner about the process of disease and wellness. Karen cured herself of cancer using naturopathy, and since then became a naturopath.

If we do not understand the proces of illness, then we would struggle with it. Karen points out what the process is: 1. The need to change one's diet, 2. Supplement with Food Factors, 3. Herbal Tonics and she explains why and how the body reacts to each stage and by doing so surgery can be avoided. She also explains when is the best time to start treatment, and if left too late the body can structurally change and might therefore require surgery. At the same time, she explains how the body can be traumatised by surgery and how naturopathic recovery can be important.

Her website is www.IsisBoston.com, www.TheherbalAdvisor.com