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Unbox The Podcast: Live Your Best Life with Sahar

UK's first dedicated self-awareness & well-being podcast. Inspirational insights, life mentoring, interviews and life guidance & personal growth tips to help you live your best life. Sahar is a an intuitive online Life Mentor, with over 30 years of experience. She's a bestselling author, Life Coach columnist & Holistic Therapist. Sahar has helped over 15,000 individuals worldwide to navigate life's challenges by connecting them with their unique essence (and intuition), and unravelling the root cause of whatever could be holding them back. Sahar’s Unbox The Podcast is a genuine sharing from the heart. Her own journey has been shaped by the raw experiences of wars, loss, displacement, and the resilience needed to start anew. Join us and break free from struggle. Find your path towards joy, a renewed sense of purpose guided by compassion and understanding. We appreciate your subscription & reviews. Please email [email protected] for suggestions. SaharHuneidi.com

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