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346 James Sol Radina: The Healing Power of CBD & Breathwork For Anxiety

Wellness Force

Release Date: 06/02/2020

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Breathwork is the greatest tool that we have right now that's free, that you can do anywhere at any time, and it's extremely powerful. We're not just talking about a couple of deep breaths; we're talking about actually charging the system, filling the system with oxygen, and allowing the body and the system to do its own healing. From that state comes creativity, healing, stress-relief, love, and so on and so forth. If we give ourselves the gift of breathwork on a regular basis, we're going to see our lives begin to change. - James Sol Radina


Can we be in tune with our bodies as a way of life?
Can we be in tune enough to be our own best doctor and our own best medicine


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Wellness Force Podcast Episode 346

CEO & Chief Visionary Officer of BioCBD+, James Sol Radina, explains the secure delivery pathway of their safe vape technology, the power of combining breathwork with BioCBD+'s low-temperature PEACE CBD Cartridge, and why practicing just breathwork on its own will increase your creativity and boost immunity.


Discover the power of combining BioCBD+ with our new breathwork & wellness program, B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

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In this podcast, I go deep about CBD with one of my dear friends on the island of Kauai.  He started the world's first water-soluble CBD company over 5 years ago.

With hundreds of pages of testimonials for just about every ailment or disease, a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked Return Policy), and what I have found to be the most premium products in the industry, it's worth giving them a try.



BioCBD+ is also the company we chose for the CBD Breathwork due to its Safe Vape Technology.  Not to mention their PEACE CBD Cartridge has 200mg of CBD and includes a proprietary essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Lavender, Bergamot & Clary Sage. Very few companies, if any, abide by these standards:


✓ 100% All-Natural Using Organically Grown Ingredients
✓ Triple Tested & Free From Any Harmful Materials (this is beyond organic certifications)
✓ No PG, VG, or PEG
✓ No Artificial Flavoring
✓ cGMP Manufacturing
✓ USA Grown Hemp CBD
✓ No THC!  Yet Still Has Other Cannabinoids
✓ Broad-Spectrum, Federally Legal,  Hemp-Derived CBD
Get the BioCBD+ Safe Vape Combo Pack today, and try our revolutionary new breathwork & wellness program, B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
We actually use BioCBD+ inside the program and you get  Coupon Code: wellnessF15 for 15% off your order!


Listen To Episode 346 As James Sol Radina Uncovers:


[1:30] CBD Vape, Droplets, Or Gummies?

  • BioCBD+
  • James Sol Radina
  • B.R.E.A.T.H.E
  • What attracts people to come to the island of Kauai in Hawaii and what gifts it gives to help them along their wellness journeys.
  • Unpacking the true efficacy of having safe-vape tech like BioCBD+ that people can use to breathe in CBD.
  • How CBD has been a great tool for James to get back to his center along with breathwork, yoga, and meditation.
  • His work as a volunteer for Crohn's & Colitis Foundation and how he helped their youngest patient, Lance, with his Crohn's condition by suggesting introducing CBD to his treatment.
  • Differences in using CBD in a vape form rather than in droplets or gummies and why it's much more superior.
  • The immediate calming effect you will feel when you inhale the vaporized CBD oil with essential oils. (14:35)
  • Unpacking the fact that users for CBD gummies are hardly absorbing anything when they eat them.
  • Why BioCBD+ in vape form is not like it's cousin, THC, where you feel high; CBD is extremely subtle like an internal massage.

[18:25] Combining Breathwork With CBD

  • What safe vape technologies you should stay away from with all of their harmful ingredients.
  • How Josh has combined CBD safe vape with breathwork while working on his breathe program.
  • The dramatic improvements Josh has personally seen in combining BioCBD+ with breathwork from being calmer to increasing his creative flow to being more full of love.
  • How they developed these vaporizer cartridges and why the process took over a year vs just a couple of weeks that most brands spend focusing on their product.
  • Why practicing breathwork with not just CBD but also with sound healing and the other cannabinoids: CBG, CBN, and CBC will truly heighten your experience. (14:30)
  • What makes BioCBD+ unlike any other product out there and why Josh has chosen to partners with them.
  • The different combinations of essential oils with the CBD they have created and what their intention was behind that.
  • BioCBD+ PEACE CBD Cartridge
  • Why you don't have to hold in the vaporized CBD but just simply breathe in and out for the full effect.

[25:00] How To Unpack Your Emotional Inventory

  • The new coming research from clinical trials and his view that we need to take medicine back into our own hands and let our bodies be the doctor.
  • Why CBD won't work for everyone and in fact, there are people out there like his friend who are allergic to it.
  • Exploring the concept of healing thyself by gathering and applying physical and emotional intelligence.
  • Taking in our emotional inventory as a form of stress reduction.
  • What steps we can take to show up as our best selves in difficult situations with the aid of CBD.
  • Why some people feel guilty when they're calm or have time to be relaxed and do what they enjoy.
  • What words of wisdom he would give to someone who's just starting their wellness journey and unpacking their emotional inventory.
  • How the body can teach us incredible knowledge that doesn't come from a book or anyone else.
  • Why, as the Creator of our own reality, it can be scary but it's important to pause, listen to the truth in silence, and then take the next step.
  • The moment he received the download that he was meant to create BioCBD+ for the world.
  • Power of looking within and listening to what the body and mind are telling you when something is off in your life.

[36:30] The Wild Wild West Of The CBD World

  • Why people might be hesitant to use tools like BioCBD+, float tanks, or meditation before taking inspired action
  • What it feels like to get into your own state of flow and find that sweet spot for what your next step is in life.
  • Finding what ways work best for you to come back to center and why combining CBD and breathwork are two of the most powerful practices.
  • The lower temperature of the BioCBD+ vaporizer that makes it safer and emulsifies the product with little smoke.
  • What to be aware of from other vaporizer companies with high levels of additive, very little active ingredients including sugar.
  • Why many of the harmful stories including accidents from using vaporizers come from companies selling synthetic versions of cannabis called 'spice.'
  • Why we're not yet at a point where the FDA is willing to put on a seal of approval on CBD products.
  • The hard truth that just because a sticker says 'Non-GMO' or 'Natural,' doesn't necessarily mean you should trust a brand without doing your due diligence to research them first.
  • Unpacking the fact that research on the medical use of cannabis goes back thousands of years.

[44:00] How BioCBD+ Tests Their Products

  • How the concept of 'faking it till you make it' is adding to the stress and mental health epidemic we're all witnessing in the world today.
  • Why BioCBD+ and vaporized cannabis is an important milestone in wellness as not everyone can go and participate in Ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies or afford ketamine infusions and float tank subscriptions.
  • Confusion out there amongst the police, shopping websites, and even social media with the difference between CBD and marijuana plus vocabulary terms.
  • The importance of regulating brands and making sure that CBD products out there are legit and safe for buyers.
  • How BioCBD+ tests for impurities to ensure that their product is safe and organic with third-party labs that look out for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, residual solvents, and review the cannabinoid's unique profile.
  • Their process for growing the organic cannabis plant with just soil, the seed, sun, and water to ensure that each one is unique in its own way like wine.
  • Exploring the big problem we have with pharmaceuticals being given out to people like candy when we should pause and really look at what we're being prescribed to by doctors.

[52:00] Changing The World With A Breath

  • Why we're wired to need to see analytical data that something works compared to just trying it and feeling the difference ourselves.
  • How coming back to the present with just a simple breath can remind us of our wisdom, 'massage our insides,' and calm us down.
  • What impact breathwork has personally done for him along his wellness journey including helping him pay greater attention to his gut-brain connection and body.
  • Why we can't just be go-go-go with chasing peak experiences; we have to pause and sit with what we've gained from them before moving on.
  • How integrating experiences and tools from CBD and breathwork to nutrition and exercise to friendships and community have unfolded for his own wellness journey.
  • Why giving ourselves the gift of doing breathwork on a regular basis can change society.
  • How the body can produce its own cannabinoids through breathwork and how BioCBD+ will supplement your own healing practice.
  • Why you should never mix your breathwork practice with THC.

Power Quotes From The Show

Becoming Our Own Doctors

"Can we be so in tune with our bodies as a way of life that when we take a 5-second inhale we feel better? When we hold in our breath just a bit longer for 10 seconds, can we be in tune enough with our bodies to actually be our best doctor and our own medicine?" - James Sol Radina

The Power Of Vaporized CBD Oil

"When we look at CBD, there are all different ways to take it like orally with this gummies craze but there's a safer way like the safe vape technology. With our vaporizer, we can simply push a button and in a healthy way, at a low temperature vaporize the CBD and essential oils of lemongrass, bergamot, clary sage, and lavender. It then enters the blood system through the lungs for a calming effect in less than 10 seconds for most people. So, it's really interesting that you're pairing our BioCBD+ PEACE CBD Cartridge with breathwork because the bioavailability of having this vaporized CBD oil get into your lungs and blood system is a lot higher than CBD gummies or an oil-based tincture." - James Sol Radina

Getting Back In Touch With Our Second Brain - The Gut

"By remembering to breathe during my breathwork practice, it has helped me realize that there are more things than just my mind that I need to listen to like my gut. What the gut is saying is so important; it's our second brain! But how can we really listen to it if we're always allowing our mind to operate and we're always in fight or flight mode?" - James Sol Radina


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About James Sol Radina

James Sol Radina: The Healing Power of CBD & Breathwork For Anxiety“I’m only interested in the medicinal benefits of this plant,” says James Sol Radina. In early 2014 James Sol Radina and a team of filmmakers raised $200,000 to travel around the world and interview the top doctors, scientists, and researchers about a fairly new molecule hitting the market called CBD. After seeing the results first hand of what CBD was doing across the 12 patients that were filmed (alongside the 35+ experts), James was “ALL IN!”

In 2015 he started BioCBD+ as the world’s first water-soluble, 100% BioAvailable CBD company. As Chief Visionary Officer, James is the driving force behind the company’s socially responsible model of donating CBD products to those who cannot afford them, the Veterans Discount Program and he is the inspirational force behind the company’s beliefs and marketing strategy.

James' Mission for BioCBD+

James has held significant volunteer positions with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation in San Diego. James believes in leading by example and is the driving force behind BioCBD Plus’s socially responsible and sustainable business model that is truly game-changing. Prior to BioCBD+, James has launched over 10 different companies and has a background in mobile apps, internet marketing, real estate and hospitality.




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