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SSW363 Is Networking a Bad Business Model? Is MLM a Pyramid?

Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

Release Date: 08/03/2020

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Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

Here’s what my clients tell me, and I get it. Almost on the daily, they stare at their screen, spinning their wheels trying to figure out what to share on social media to create SOMETHING - a like, a comment, some interest, a Direct Message, maybe, and wow, a sale or signup would be nice. Right? Is this you? You ponder, write, edit, delete, and repeat. And nothing ever gets out there. Or, at least not consistently and not content that pulls people to you. And, you HATE how overwhelming and time consuming it is for you. You’ve purchased content calendars to give you prompts, and you...

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Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

We hear how important the WHY is, and that once we have that, the how will follow. How important is it really, to your network marketing success. How do you find yours, and what if you lose it, like I did? Yesterday, I kicked off my new webinar series - FirstDateMagic for Network Marketers - how to build a thriving social selling business without annoying family, friends or strangers. Can you EVEN believe that was still available? Grab it there! I have submitted my first week to be a teacher on Insight Timer and I am over the moon about it. I’ll let you know when I am officially on the...

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Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

Social media isn’t selling. It requires you to be SOCIAL. Posting with the “Spray and Pray” process does NOT work. Do you know the best way to get others interested in you? Be interested in them. TRULY engaged and interested. Are you liking, and more importantly commenting in an engaging way, and having real conversations with people you enjoy talking to; and who might be a perfect fit for you. Be real, be you, and don’t be graspy and loaded with an agenda in your conversations. Just connect and get to know people. Pick 10 people a day to engage with. Track it. Be consistent. They will...

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Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

New year, new thoughts, new hopes and dreams. So, what is it about goals and goal setting that deserves our time and attention?   It’s human nature to always have hope, possibility, and expect the potential of what might be!   Show notes - https://www.streetsmartwealth.com/blog/good-bad-goal-setting   I want to dive into goals, goal setting, the fears we have around this process, and what we really must know about goals.   One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn, on goals -   The true power and success in setting a goal is the transformation, growth and learning you...

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Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

Ready to kick 2020 to the curb? Have much more in 2021. So, let’s do it. 1st, Create a crystal clear vision for your business and the lifestyle you want to create through your business. The "why" is the most important part of the whole equation. It doesn’t matter what type of entrepreneur you study - real estate, internet marketer, network marketer, inventor, author/speaker - and so on - the key elements to success are the same.  2nd, know your plan - Write out your daily marketing plan and do it. Take steps daily, and invest in your education, refuse to quit. You need a way to...

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Goals, resolutions and frustration is often what happens at the beginning of the year. This year, let’s get intentional with our planning, choose a focus word and create a REAL breakthrough. Grab the Success Planning Doc - Watch the Video from the Live Broadcast - We cover everything in this show from Who you started 2020 as, who you are ending as, who you want to end 2021 as, and your big breakthrough goal. Also, who must you become to achieve it; what habits must you adopt and release, and more! Join me in the Street Smart Wealth Academy for more - Instagram - @jackieulmer Facebook...

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Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

My greatest reward from my network marketing business is the ability I had (and still have) to be there for and with my children. Even though they are both grown and gone and my son is a father himself, I never lose sight of the pure joy that brought to me, and the peaceful world it gave them to grow up in. Just a few weeks back, I was able to move a few things in my schedule and meet my daughter in New York City for 5 days, staying in a penthouse apartment 35 floors up, overlooking the Hudson, with the Statue of Liberty beckoning to me every morning and every night, right out the window. My...

Gifts of 2020 and Limitless Possibilities show art Gifts of 2020 and Limitless Possibilities

Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

2020…it’s been a “thing”, hasn’t it? And not just one thing, but many many things. Plenty of good, bad and ugly. And, while most of us are ready for the clock to strike midnight on 12/31 and have instant change. Probably not going to happen like that. So,  let’s talk about reframing how we look back and look forward. I’m Jackie Ulmer.  I help Network Marketers make money, without annoying their family and friends, and build a thriving social selling business. We do all of this together in the Street Smart Wealth Academy. Learn more at We’re living through something...

MMM15 How to Create an Impact Introduction show art MMM15 How to Create an Impact Introduction

Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

Do you know how to effectively introduce yourself in a way that creates instant impact, curiosity and interest? Far too many network marketers like to use their company name as a way of explaining what they do. I hear this a lot: I do Arbonne. I’m with Herbalife. I am Team Beach Body. Do you fall into this trap? First, no one cares about your company or product names. In most cases, these names mean nothing to them. And, you miss a chance to make a connection when you fail to introduce yourself and what you do effectively. There is one thing that is always on your prospect’s mind, even...

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Network Marketing Success Skills - Street Smart Wealth

Feeling challenged about what to share on Social Media that actually creates interest? Stops people from scrolling and starts a  conversation with likes, comments and shares? Show notes: https://www.streetsmartwealth.com/blog/create-compelling-copy-converts-sales Get the video series that walks you through what I am sharing here: Are you struggling with keeping your business alive during the events of 2020 and beyond? Finding new people who are interested; and building true connection with them in the crowded space of Social Media? Struggling to be seen. Get noticed. Attract your ideal...

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What are the facts that you should know if you’ve launched or are thinking of launching a business in the Network Marketing Profession.


I was recently in a Facebook group filled with women looking for a way to work from home; to be there with their children; to stave off some health concerns.


And, over and over again, many of these women would say - I DON’T WANT TO DO AN MLM OR NETWORK MARKETING STYLE OF BUSINESS MODEL.


Why? I wondered. I get it. I also thought. And, then had to ask -



Is network marketing a bad business model? Is there something inherently wrong in the structure and operation of MLM?


Or, is it something someone is doing that creates that thought?


If you’ve already launched a network marketing business, you may be having some doubts or some second thoughts. You may be hearing opinions of other people or reading some different things on the Internet that have you thinking is:


Is network marketing a Bad Business Model? Is MLM a Pyramid?


What would make something, including MLM really and truly a pyramid scheme; what things do I need to be aware of before I start in a business in the Network Marketing Profession.


I’m Jackie Ulmer, with over 26 years in the network marketing profession, and I understand these questions. I struggled with skepticism about network marketing and MLM in the very beginning; about the business model in general.


Not because I was educated about network marketing, but because I had heard some “things” that other people said that led me down that path of thinking that there was something wrong with the system of network marketing.


In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Network marketing in and of itself is a beautiful business model and it can provide amazing things for you; provide an amazing income opportunity; that desired time freedom along with that financial freedom. There are tremendous growth and leadership opportunities.


The type of opportunities that many people don’t have access to in corporate America or the traditional working environment.


The challenge becomes that some of those in network marketing who lead us down the path of thinking it’s easier than it is. We hear “oh it’s so easy; we’re all going to get rich and “get” people into the business; we’re going to “convince” a few people to do this.


We hear a lot of things like that and those are the things inherently that ARE bad about some of the people who work in Network Marketing and MLM.


Nobody wants to be “gotten” into any kind of deal. Nobody wants to be convinced to do something.


I coach my clients on paying attention to what they say; what they hear people say; and using solid success language to create interest that doesn’t feel scammy or spammy.

We cover this in depth in the Street Smart Wealth Academy; you can go to StreetSmartWealthAcademy.com to learn more.


We cover this in depth. We identify your ideal client; what it is that they’re absolutely looking for; what’s the greatest challenge or obstacle that they have and what is the solution that you offer.


We develop that in a way that we can position ourselves with good, interesting success language that creates an interest for those people who might be looking for what it is that you offer.


Remember in network marketing, we have two different offerings -We have our product or service; our program or offer that we sell;  and then, of course, we have the business opportunity itself.

Try not to mix these two things too much, in the beginning. Stay with the customer side, and talk about the product if that’s the path that you’re starting down. You’ll always have the opportunity to share the business side of it when the timing is right and presents itself.


Another thing I want to caution you about is language around  overcoming objections. Nobody wants to think that their objections are being “overcome.”


Instead, you want to be a good listener; listen to people objectively; listen to what that objection really is, and recognize it as an opportunity to serve and sell. So don’t run from objections. Don’t let objections be upsetting to you and don’t let it make you



The biggest thing for you to do is work hard to develop the business skills you need so that you can meet more people; build rapport with them and find out more about them. Listen intently and speak intuitively so that you can share with them what it is that you do and what the solution is that you provide to the challenge or the obstacle that they have.

Know how to position yourself out there with social media. It is such a great tool to do this because people are posting all the time about their problems or challenges; getting laid off from a job; taking a pay cut; being on unemployment - different things with the pandemic.


Listen and then develop that success language to position yourself and your offer to be something that really, truly creates that win-win.


When you operate your business that way, you very quickly see that nothing is inherently wrong or bad about Network Marketing or MLM.


In fact, it does become much easier; much more streamlined; much more elegant to build a business when you operate in this way.

Again, I am Jackie Ulmer; you can find me over at StreetSmartWealth.com  to learn more about my coaching and how I can assist you in growing the dream business you desire. We are in a crazy, amazing time to build a successful business. I say crazy because in this Corona Virus COVID19 Pandemic, there is some bad stuff. And, there is also amazing opportunity when done right.


Join me on Facebook in our private group - http://StreetSmartWealthSchool.com


And, grab my social selling guide - http://StreetSmartWealth.me