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Welcome! Nation-State Election Interference is about Chaos plus more on Tech Talk with Craig Peterson on WGAN

Craig Peterson - Secure Your Business, Your Privacy, and Save Your Sanity

Release Date: 09/18/2020

Google FLoC, AI Gemini, and Election Integrity: Protecting Digital Democracy show art Google FLoC, AI Gemini, and Election Integrity: Protecting Digital Democracy

Craig Peterson - Secure Your Business, Your Privacy, and Save Your Sanity

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Craig explains Nation-state Election interference and what is more likely just spreading Chaos and distrust.

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Automated Machine-Generated Transcript:

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Of course, we talk a lot about Russian hackers, Chinese. Iranian, and it goes on and on North Korean, we're going to talk right now about our elections. 2020 a very big year. What's Russia up to, and what's the US doing about it.

You're listening to Craig Peterson here on News Radio 98.5FM and AM 560.

You can also listen to me online. If you have a smart speaker, let's say you have an Amazon. You can just say, Hey Alexa, play WGAN. And Tada it'll happen automatically. You can even program your smart speaker to turn it on automatically. So you can listen to Matt Gagnon every morning, Monday through Friday, that is as a, he gives you the latest news and keeps everybody up to date.

So let's get into these US sanctions here, man, against the Russian hackers. We now know what happened in the 2016 election. In the 2016 election. You might remember. We had emails stolen from the DNC, the Democrat national committee. In fact, it's known as the DNC email leak. These are emails that were stolen by some hackers running under the pseudonym of Guccifer 2.0, and it's been alleged that the Russian. Intelligence agency hackers, according to indictments carried out by the Mueller investigation. Some of the very few minutes, they cost us tens of millions of dollars with all Mueller investigation.

Nowadays, the thinking is actually more along the lines of China. It was China that might have done those DNC hacks. China also hacked our national HR department for federal employees, where we lost all of these federal employee records, including background checks for people who had Secret, top-secret clearance, et cetera. Just terrible stuff. Our government has not been keeping good tabs on our information in many cases.

So now we're looking at 2020, I don't know, in my lifetime, if there has been a more contentious election cycle, in the sixties, you certainly had some bad ones. 1968 was a rough year. For our country, rough year. In fact, for many countries back in 68 out on the West coast. it really was a bad time.

 A lot of people had a lot of the same sentiments that they have today. Well, many of those same people are now in government offices, elected offices, et cetera. They still seem to have some of the same thoughts and they are causing as much disruption as they possibly can. But at least those people are Americans, right?

You can criticize the news, media, or Facebook for not properly censoring things or not reporting on the story, the whole story, and nothing but the story. Many of these news outlets now tend to be editorial outlets.

Whereas right here, when you listening to me or anyone else on the stations you are getting, I think the truth. Obviously, when it's editorial, it's obviously editorial, but they're not running headlines.

Like this last week. I was just shocked and amazed. President Trump has these countries over these Arab countries over in the middle East signing peace agreements with Israel. What is the headline that CNN runs? That the white house has a mass of people out front that are not social distancing and not wearing masks. These were people who came to the White House who were invited for some of these signing ceremonies. There were representatives there from Israel, from these Arab countries. Did they bother mentioning that? Was that their headline? No, it wasn't their headline. There was a lack of social media, just unseen was their headline.

How's that news. I just don't get it. So very contentious and now we're hearing people like Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, former secretary of state saying, it doesn't matter whether Joe Biden wins or not, he cannot, should not, will not concede the race even if trump wins clearly.

Really? I thought you said Trump, wasn't going to leave Office. Here you are calling for people not to leave Office. It couldn't be more contentious. It's absolutely insane. What's going on right now. Some people. Really dislike our president. it's absolutely nuts.

So what are the foreign countries going to do? Because I, frankly, I don't know. I don't think most foreign countries hate President Trump as much as some people in our country hate President Trump.  I'm not just saying, Democrats. I know there are many Republicans that really hate President Trump. And I don't like using that word because hate is such a strong word. But these foreign countries are going to do whatever they can to really mess things up.

Now in 2016, Russia kind of mess themselves up. They were promoting Hillary Clinton in some ads or. Promoting president Trump in some ads. In fact, the numbers I saw showed that they spent more money promoting Hillary Clinton and her becoming President on Facebook than they spent money promoting Donald Trump. So I don't know how the Russians helped President Trump. They were actually helping Hillary more. And then to top it off, the Russians were spending money on ads and running ads after the election, it occurred. So they really messed it up. Don't expect them to mess it up as badly this time.

The US Department of the treasury's office of foreign assets control has sanctioned for Russia linked individuals for their efforts to interfere with the 2020 presidential election. So this came out of, or at least it was aligned with Microsoft. Microsoft had published some details on groups that were targeting both campaigns coming out of Russia. The campaigns are out of Russia. Both the Democrat and the Republican campaigns were both being attacked and Microsoft noticed it.

Now don't expect Microsoft to notice that your company is being attacked. I want to emphasize that. Microsoft, if you have office 365,  doesn't have any guarantees of security. In fact, their anti-spam measures are actually pretty poor and to get into much higher levels.

We tend to run our customer's emails through as special anti-spam anti-malware filters that we have from Cisco and then we send that email off to Microsoft. Even though they have the enterprise, higher-level enterprise accounts.

So one of these people that was sanctioned is a member of the Ukrainian parliament has been an active Russian agent for over a decade and apparently is close to Russian intelligence. He is a coordinator coordinated. This indictment here directly or indirectly engaged in sponsoring concealed or otherwise been complicit in foreign meddling in the 2020 election.

The Treasury's alleging that between May and July, this year, he ran an influence campaign focused on creating narratives around us officials in the upcoming election. He released edited audio tapes as well as other unsupported information with the goal of discrediting US officials and spreading false allegations against the US and international political figures.

This is from an article over at dark reading, you'll find up on my website @craigpeterson.com and apparently these narratives were designed to get some corruption investigations going. Like the fake Russian dossier that got investigations going against the Trump campaign under the Obama administration, which has now been proven, fake, including all of the testimonies that the chairman Schiffs committee reviewed. But now that they've been released, we can see what was true and of course, chairman Schiff out just saying the exact opposite of the testimony that was given to him in committee closed-door committees. They were in a skiff, but anyways. So they were using press conference coverage, other news events, interviews, and statements as well.

Now I have some software that if you listen to my podcast, for instance, and you can find it on most major podcasting platforms. But if you listened to my podcast, you might've noticed that last week I used an artificial intelligence program to first of all have a female narrator say about four or five words in one spot.

And then also I used one to change some of the words I was saying, I did not get a single email from anybody. I don't know that of the hundreds or thousands of people that listened to the podcast. How many people picked up on that? Because no one said anything. So your host, me, Craig Peterson, has been inserting some of this fake technology that allows me to pretend I said something that didn't actually say.

So think of what the Russians or any of these other countries have available to them. Going forward this is going to be very concerning to me cause you're not going to know what's real, what's fake. I think it was Hillary Clinton's campaign that coined the term fake news and then President Trump's campaign picked it up. Of course, he's been screaming, fake news forever. Secretary Clinton lost control of the fake news narrative.

There's one thing when it's fake news because they're not giving you the whole story or they're not giving you the story in context. It's a completely different thing when the fake news is quite literally fake.

And if you want to go online, go to youtube.com and search for fake and then Mark Zuckerberg. There's one for him out there. Bill Gates, fake bill Gates. And you'll see, not just video with the audio behind it. Where he's saying something he never said, but you'll see. It looks like a video of him saying something he never said. It's absolutely amazing.

I can bet the Russians are going to be involved in that. And in fact, that is part of the sanctions against these Russian attackers. They are meddling. And their, meddling with our news media, who seems very hungry for anything that might be salacious.

Hey, if you missed anything today, make sure you check it out [email protected].

We talked about how managed IT providers are a major security threat, what you shouldn't be spending on cybersecurity, a home or a business and DHS, Homeland security warning about an electromagnetic attack potential here as well as natural causes. That sun thing that's up in the sky.

You're listening. Craig Peterson on news radio 98.5 FM and AM 560 stick around because we'll be right back after the top of the hour.


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