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Episode 79 - Dark Web Arrests, Underwater Servers Update, and Microsoft RMM

The Killing IT Podcast

Release Date: 09/29/2020

Episode 100 - Zoom Opens the Future, Texas Electricity, and AI Ethics show art Episode 100 - Zoom Opens the Future, Texas Electricity, and AI Ethics

The Killing IT Podcast

Topic 1: Zoom begins the next wave . . . getting back to the office We were impressed with Zoom's announcement of touch-free office connections for receptionist via Zoom. What other emerging technologies can we look forward to as we emerge from the pandemic? Remember: Innovation and technology both affect culture and are affected by culture. Related Link: Topic 2: Texas Electricity You heard about Texas' problem with electricity. If not, follow the link below. We're tempted to draw an analogy to the availability question regarding bandwidth. And we are reminded: All this stuff costs money!...

Episode 99 - Nouveau Jargon and Visions of the Future show art Episode 99 - Nouveau Jargon and Visions of the Future

The Killing IT Podcast

Topic 1: Jargon of the Week . . . DBIO Take it apart: Digital Business Infrastructure Operations. Is this usable terminology? Just another four letter acronym? "Digital Business Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) is an end-to-end approach to delivering managed services. It spans the entire digital value chain – from the core to the edge – and is supported by robust network and security infrastructure." One aspect - building things backwards - just amounts to selling solutions instead of selling “stuff” and integrating it. That sounds like the advice for last 50 years. We'd love to hear...

Episode 98 - Betting on Reddit Stock Tips, Apple, and the Future of Privacy show art Episode 98 - Betting on Reddit Stock Tips, Apple, and the Future of Privacy

The Killing IT Podcast

We cannot ignore what's going on with Reddit. This one is more "of interest" than a direct hit on topics we think you need to know about. There are many ramifications for business people, of course. And it's also a reflection of some bigger trends in society generally. We spent more time on Reddit, so this show only features two topics. Topic 1: /r/wallstreetbets/ . . . Good, bad, or just ugly? Sub Reddit takes on hedge funds. “Professional” hedge fund managers are selling Game Stop short - and the Reddit users are forcing the stock UP. They are bankrupting professionals hour by hour....

Episode 97: Alphabet Internet and Creepy Microsoft Chatbots show art Episode 97: Alphabet Internet and Creepy Microsoft Chatbots

The Killing IT Podcast

Topic 1: Update on the update: Alphabet cancels their balloon-based internet offering Apparently, they listened to last week’s show. After many years and billions spent, Alphabet (Google) has dropped their plans to provide Internet access to remote areas via lighter-than-air balloons. Side note: We are deep inside an era where private organizations are taking on challenges - and trying new things - without direct government help. Related Link: Topic 2: Shall we adopted the word “integrator” to describe our channel partners? A view from another industry. The Commercial Integrator...

Episode 96 - SpaceX, Microsoft, and Our Channel show art Episode 96 - SpaceX, Microsoft, and Our Channel

The Killing IT Podcast

Topic 1: SpaceX Takes Off! SpaceX launched sixty more satellites last week - with ONE rocket. They now have more than 1,000 satellites deployed. Their target is a total of 1,440. These will be dedicated to Internet-beaming. Last year, SpaceX launched 26 rockets successfully. This year, the goal is 40. Most of those rockets have landed successfully on their floating platforms in the ocean. Related Link: Topic 2: Microsoft coming after your customers. Really. Amy Babinchak has raised the alarm with a couple of blog posts. We look at Microsoft's complicated relationship with their so-called...

Episode 95 - Dude. I need a data center show art Episode 95 - Dude. I need a data center

The Killing IT Podcast

Closing in on 100 episodes . . . After a few hiccups on the Internet, we managed to record this week's show. Please support our advertiser! Topic 1: Azure in a box? Microsoft is rolling out data centers "in a box." Earlier, we reported on Microsoft putting data centers on the ocean floor. This containerized project has been in the works since at least 2008. Note: We hereby claim copyright to the phrase, "Dude. I need a data center." Link: Topic 2: Net Neutrality Revived for 2021 Dead? Not at all! With the recent election, the Democratic version of Net Neutrality could see the light of day....

Episode 94 - Open Source RMM and Touchless Controls of the Future show art Episode 94 - Open Source RMM and Touchless Controls of the Future

The Killing IT Podcast

One very serious topic, and two somewhat-lighter topics this week. Please post questions or comments. And don't forget to share with your friends. Topic 1: Open Source Managed Service Tools? Here's a seriously interesting question: Is open source software for managed services a beautiful vision of the future . .. or a nightmare. We have different thoughts on this one. Link: Topic 2: The next interface? Gesture controls. We start with a link to a white paper that lays the groundwork for this discussion. It's a quick read, and very interesting. We also encourage you to Google "computer gesture...

Episode 93 - Online Shopping Report, Good News on Cybersecurity, Electricity show art Episode 93 - Online Shopping Report, Good News on Cybersecurity, Electricity

The Killing IT Podcast

Topic 1: Forrester says US online holiday shopping to reach $173 B Constant question: How much of this is temporary vs. permanent? Have you built a store for your clients? We think this is a great opportunity for IT professionals. Related Link: Topic 2: Is there any good news for MSPs in 2021 Cybersecurity? Predictions include: Cloud misconfigurations will be one of the top causes of data breaches. We’ll see the consequences of employees letting their guards down as work-from-home extends. Legacy security architecture like VPNs will be the weak link for many organizations, and use of zero...

Episode 92 - End-of-Year show: 2020 show art Episode 92 - End-of-Year show: 2020

The Killing IT Podcast

Special show - and video! We recorded a video version of this podcast. You can view it at . Or on YouTube on the Small Biz Thoughts channel (). In this episode, we take a look at technology in the year gone by and what it means for the year ahead. So, we're breaking away from the strict timing and 3-topic format. First up: What's the status of our big pizza/burrito delivery race? Delivery improved on many fronts in 2020. But none of us took delivery of a burrito! No visible progress, although technology is inching forward That morphed to a discussion of how much of the "changes" from 2020 will...

Episode 91: AI Doppelgangers, Google Outage, and Vaccine Apps show art Episode 91: AI Doppelgangers, Google Outage, and Vaccine Apps

The Killing IT Podcast

Heading straight on toward year end . . . and Episode 100. Stay tuned for a December 29th Year-end special. But today's show is also good. Topic 1: AI may help you find your doppelganger. The YouTube video below has a look at the technology involved in AI doppelganger research. You can see right away that this dataset can be used to "crowdsource" the improvement of this technology. Related Links: Mentioned in passing: Google's AI singing blobs. Topic 2: Google went down . . . and the world went down with it. Well, for a short while. Below is a commentary (not news) about the use of...

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Topic 1: 179 Arrested in Massive Global Dark Web Takedown

"Operation Disruptor" is an unprecedented international law enforcement effort, stemming from last year’s seizure of a popular underground bazaar called Wall Street Market. This more than a US-centric law enforcement effort since the dark side of the Internet is international. So, this was a major, successful, multi-national undertaking.

Clearly, this is something you should be talking to you clients about. They don't need the details, of course, but they need to know that the threat is real!


Topic 2: Microsoft’s underwater server experiment resurfaces after two years.

Turns out, dunking data centers is a great idea! About 1/8th as many failures, compared to data center up here with oxygen and temperature variations. It's also a good test for data centers in space or on other planets.

Next up: Placing data centers offshore . . . near you.


Topic 3: Microsoft Lighthouse: An RMM.

We tackle this straight on. Does the new MS Lighthouse with MSP dashboard compete with you? Or is it simply competing for your attention and money?

Announcement: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/small-and-medium-business-blog/announcing-microsoft-365-lighthouse-for-managed-service/ba-p/1698181

Note, also that T-Mobile is offering Microsoft 365 and support services.


And HP is offering managed services . . .


And Lenovo is offering managed services . . .


Should you be afraid? Energized? Should your clients be warned about these changes? We discuss from many different angles.


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