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Why You Need a Winter Wellbeing Plan

Lessons for Leaders

Release Date: 11/26/2020

Celebrating 100 Episodes show art Celebrating 100 Episodes

Lessons for Leaders

Welcome to Lessons for Leaders.  Can you believe it’s episode 100? The goal has always been to share lessons, learnings, tips and advice and even when things got tough with it, I’ve enjoyed it more and I’m proud to be able to say I got to 100. Many of my regular listeners will know that my girls are the reason I do what I do and my eldest girl is about to make me a Granny next month so it seems like a good time to pause the episodes for a while. This last one is a very special episode, with my other amazing girl joining me at the mic to ask some of the questions you, my listeners...

How to Persuade Leaders to Invest in Wellbeing show art How to Persuade Leaders to Invest in Wellbeing

Lessons for Leaders

This week I'm sharing top tips and conversations that I have frequently with people in organisations to help them know how to persuade leaders to invest in wellbeing. We're covering: What to do to persuade your leaders The 3 R’s that I like to go with organisations I work with. Why we need to look at revenue in different ways and I dive into specifics here to give you a head start. How to highlight the risks to an organisation Why it’s important to include reputation in this persuasive detail too. It’s easy to say wellbeing can help to reverse employee burnout and reduce stress,...

Why a Good Leader Will Give Teams Autonomy show art Why a Good Leader Will Give Teams Autonomy

Lessons for Leaders

This week I'm joined by Gemma Woodward who is People & Culture Manager for Netsells in York.  We are talking about leadership and autonomy.  Listen in for: What are the benefits of allowing autonomy. How leaders can encourage autonomy in their teams. Where leaders get it wrong with a top down leadership and how it can affect their people and the organisation what's one key thing that people should remember about autonomy   Key comments and take-aways A top down leadership can create a fear of coming forward and fear of making mistake, their ideas and decisions might...

Why Leaders Need to Get Back to the Floor  show art Why Leaders Need to Get Back to the Floor

Lessons for Leaders

What on earth is back to the floor? I start with that and why I'm covering the subject (it was inspired by my wonderful friend and leader Tina.  So I'm also covering today: Why is it important to know first hand what’s happening on your shop floor Some real life examples and stories of how back to floor worked, and how it didn’t One really, really important question to ask yourself   I share stories from my experience in corporate and Tina's feedback too to give real life examples - some are funny, some are lovely, one is a little shocking! Here's one of the key things .......

Why it's Worth Investing in Stress Awareness show art Why it's Worth Investing in Stress Awareness

Lessons for Leaders

This week on the podcast I'm talking about Why it's Worth Investing in Stress Awareness. I wonder if you've ever had a time when you've ever felt stressed and known what would help ... but not bothered to do it???? This is just one of the reason why I'm sharing information that can help you make a decision on whether it's worth investing in stress awareness.   I cover:   What is causing Stress in the workplace? How Will Stress Awareness Help Your Organisation? How Does Stress Impact Productivity? Is it Worth Investing in Stress Awareness? Ways I can support you or help for you to do...

Lockdown Lessons for Leaders show art Lockdown Lessons for Leaders

Lessons for Leaders

Two years since the UK locked down from the Covid 19 virus.  In fact pretty much the world locked down.   It changed so many things About how we live How we work Connections & communication Wellbeing – what were thankful for – fear / perspective Resilience   Have you looked back at those pictures from cities that were empty and streets that were bare?  I know I have.  There were bits that I loved, bits I didn’t love. There was a significant difference in how people viewed the lockdown.  Some loved it.  Some hated it.  For some it was...

Supporting Female Leaders show art Supporting Female Leaders

Lessons for Leaders

In honour of International Women's Day, I’m here to give ideas of ways that you can support women in leadership roles.  There can be a number of reasons why there are less women than men in leadership roles.   Data from the House of Commons found that companies led by women outperform those led by men - but despite this, we're very far from achieving gender parity in the workplace I share information about  Break the Bias Unconscious biases, opinions, beliefs are formed early in our childhood.  We learn these from family, friends, people of authority that are social...

Why Empathy is Crucial for Great Leaders show art Why Empathy is Crucial for Great Leaders

Lessons for Leaders

This week I'm talking to you about why empathy is crucial for great leaders.   I cover : What is empathy Why does it matter in leadership Whether empathy can be learned  How it can improve performance, create connections and What you can do to be more empathic.   Why empathy is crucial for great leaders and what is empathy anyway? Empathy is the ability to experience and relate to the thoughts, emotions, or experience of others.  So it's about truly feeling what the other person is feeling. You know I often talk about how we don't 'do' emotions.  But empathy is about...

Easy Ways to Say No show art Easy Ways to Say No

Lessons for Leaders

Do you find it difficult to say no to people?  Perhaps it means you end up being busy, stressed, over-committed?  Often when we struggle to say no to people it can leave us feeling used, put up-on, juggling too many things.  Are you the one who ends up working late because you’ve said yes to others, yet you’re the one with more to do?   This episode is for you where I talk about   Say no and establish healthy boundaries How to handle the fear, stress, worry and guilt The surprising reason that saying no is good for you Key phrases that you can begin to use to get...

De-stigmatizing Mental Health show art De-stigmatizing Mental Health

Lessons for Leaders

This week I'm sharing tips and information about De-stigmatizing Mental Health.  I share key points on:   Why mental health is stigmatized How stigma brings shame and what that looks like How it will impact on your organisation Good news on the wider impact of investing in destigmatizing Key things that you can do and examples too   When we prevent people talking openly and transparently we also prevent those who need it from having support.    Stigma brings shame.  Listen in for information about how people respond then feel ashamed and what the impact will be...

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Why You Need a Winter Wellbeing Plan

Many people are talking about feeling low, fed up and struggling. That’s why I’m talking this week about why you need a winter wellbeing plan in your organisation, what you can do to get that started AND how you, as an individual, can boost your winter wellbeing and what are they key things to encourage others to do too.

Looking at a Winter Wellbeing Plan is important right now, because if we help you to be able to support yourself or to support the people in your organisation then you and your people will feel better.  This has a positive impact on your own performance and well being and the performance of others.

I've been working with a number of organisations to successfully deliver virtual trainings on all sorts of Wellbeing at Work topics such as:

  • Working Well at Home
  • Healthy Work Life Boundaries
  • Mental Health Awareness for Managers
  • Mental Health Awareness for Individuals

Everything I deliver is very practical because (you'll know if you listen to my podcast) that I am all about making things easy and giving you top tips that you can take away with you.

Some feedback that I had recently said

I have been to a few webinars and this is the only one I have actual takeaways Emma knew her stuff had a good style and was real and I will take on board many items from her presentation she actually made me feel good and bright!

If you'd like more information then get in touch with me about providing this for your organisation.


Working through the pandemic is challenging for many different reasons - and those can differ from person to person - that's why it's important to take time to refresh our routines and look at the winter wellbeing plan.

What can employers do to make sure their winter wellbeing plan is effective and fits with the overall strategy?

Conduct Employee Surveys and Research

I see so many social media posts where people are asking “what can I do to boost engagement / bring some fun / get people together”  My answer every single time ... Ask Them.

Surveys are incredibly valuable to help orgs understand what staff want AND what staff are struggling with.  However asking the right questions means you’ll get specific answers and information rather than broad generalised answers.

It really is the only way to get information.  It’s also the best way – if you survey regularly to track improvements and monitor the impact of what you’re providing.

Talk to me if you want info on surveys.

Promote Initiatives Well

Whatever it is that you decide to put in place ensure employees know what you’re offering.

How are you going to tell people when so many are still working from home ?  The usual poster on the noticeboard isn’t enough.  And people needs to be told more than once- how many times have you read something and had a great intention to do it / look at it – then forgot or got time overtaken by other things?  It’s the same with other people too.   That's why you need to ensure you promote your initiatives really well.


Implement Year-Round Wellbeing Plans

People won’t take the time to engage in a fad and a one off thing.  Your winter wellbeing plan and initiatives are an integral part of any wellbeing offering, it is fundamental that wellbeing schemes are run throughout the year rather than just as standalone seasonal promotions - otherwise you won’t get the results you’re hoping for.  I shouldn’t need to tell you this – you know this right?

Wellbeing and winter wellbeing needs to be part of your business year round.  Talk to me about creating an entire annual wellbeing plan.

How Can You Boost Your Own Winter Wellbeing?

There are things we can do for ourselves and each other which really can help. 

Think about how are you feeling...

  • Are you taking breaks?
  • Are you sitting for long periods?
  • Are you staying hydrated and eating well?
  • Do you have a good work life balance?

Listen in to the podcast where I share what I've noticed in myself and what I'm doing about my winter wellbeing during lockdown.

Regulate Your Diet

I’m not a dietician but I think we all know we need to eat what’s good for us – so protein keeps you full, balances blood sugar, keeps your head clear and focussed.

Reduce the caffeine and sugar  - I said this on a webinar last week about Managing Stress and Anxiety to Improve Performance and someone said about cutting out coffee and how hard it was.  So there's more about this on the podcast but in essence, cut down the intake.

Limit the News

The news is often a constant source of bad news and limiting the amount of news and social media you read can really help your positivity and mental wellbeing.

Stay Connected

I’ll be talking about connections in the next episode, and they are hugely important – so find a way to meet someone, go for a walk, I keep saying it’s ok to meet at the supermarket!!

Create Coping Strategies

Go back to previous podcasts where I talk more about this.

  • Top 3 tips to handle stress
  • Work Life balance
  • Improve mental health.

Get Out and About

Think about the time of day you get out an about and be active – remember the morning and evenings have no daylight.  This was traditionally the time of year we went to work in the dark and came home in the dark – now we don’t even go out!

When working from home it is very easy to sit at your desk all day and not move, however making sure you are staying active is extremely important both for your wellbeing and for your health.

If you can get out in daylight – great and it will boost your Vitamin D which is good for mood so that’s a bonus.  If not – try and get out and about anyway doing something.


Not getting enough sleep can affect your physical and your mental health. Establish a bedtime routine to help you relax before you go to bed.

Get Support

If you find you are struggling, reach out to those around you, whether that be family, friends or something else, please do reach out.


I hope that's been helpful and you can see valid reasons why you need to create a winter wellbeing plan, for yourself and your organisation.  It's vital to improve employee health and motivation, which increases performance and also vital for you as an individual to support better mental health and boost your mood.


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