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Christmas Gifts and Eating Flamingos | SOTG 1009

Student of the Gun Radio

Release Date: 12/02/2020

Ammo: Now is the Time | SOTG 1046 show art Ammo: Now is the Time | SOTG 1046

Student of the Gun Radio

Have you been holding out, waiting for ammunition prices to drop back to where they were in 2019? During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, Paul and Jarrad will discuss the state of the industry and explain why right now is the time to purchase ammunition if you need it. We have an SOTG Homeroom for you folks from CrossBreed Holsters. “Hey, let’s be careful out there.” The summer has not even begun and a day hiker lost her life in the mountains of California. Professor Paul discusses items that should be in your day pack and critical, life-saving gear that every person who enjoys the...

Don’t Mess with Texas | SOTG 1045 show art Don’t Mess with Texas | SOTG 1045

Student of the Gun Radio

A bill is working its way through the Texas State House that would preempt and nullify Federal gun control and confiscation within the borders of the state. We will discuss the bill and suggest that every free state in the nation passes similar measures to protect their people from the criminals in DC.  What is our Duracoat Finished Firearm of the week? Professor Paul has a handgun to discuss with you. This one is a bit unique. Listen louder, you might learn something new.  Also, what do the founding documents of the United States say is the role and purpose of government? You might...

Punisher Collection and Precision Rifle | SOTG 1044 show art Punisher Collection and Precision Rifle | SOTG 1044

Student of the Gun Radio

What is the Punisher collection and what does it entail? Professor Paul is back with news about his latest Duracoat project and how that led to a new Op Ed piece from our friend, Nicholas Orr.  During our Brownells Bullet Points we will discuss the XM177E2, better known as the CAR-15.  What did Paul do to the gun this last weekend?  Also, we have an SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters. What should your priorities be when it comes to concealed carry and your daily defense? We discuss, not just firearms, but other items that every citizen should have on their person every time...

Pepper Spray: Understanding Less-than-Lethal | SOTG 1043 show art Pepper Spray: Understanding Less-than-Lethal | SOTG 1043

Student of the Gun Radio

Do you understand how to use OC/Pepper Spray and the genuine difference between lethal or deadly force and less than lethal force? Sadly, there are many people who try to substitute one for the other. The results can be disastrous. Professor Paul has been a Use of Force instructor for three decades. He will break down the use of pepper spray, when it works, and when it does not. Please listen to this before you spend money on a self-defense product. During our Finished Firearm of the Week segment from Duracoat University, Paul and Jarrad will consider some refinishing projects. Paul will...

TN Goes Constitutional Carry and Century Arms AP5 | SOTG 1042 show art TN Goes Constitutional Carry and Century Arms AP5 | SOTG 1042

Student of the Gun Radio

The Tennessee Assembly has passed a constitutional carry bill and sent it to Governor Lee who has publicly endorsed it and will sign it into law. We congratulate and applaud Tennessee and welcome them to the club. During our Brownells Bullet Points segment we will consider the new AP5 9mm pistols from Century Arms. We will also discuss the numerous parts and upgrades that are available for this MP5 clone. For our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we are extremely disappointed and angry to find that the 9th Circuit Court has once more failed the people and sided with the totalitarian...

You are the Well Regulated Militia | SOTG 1041 show art You are the Well Regulated Militia | SOTG 1041

Student of the Gun Radio

According to the men who founded the United States of America, you are the well regulated militia. The whole of the people, not government employees, are the militia and they shall not be disarmed or disbarred of the use of arms.  We have quotes from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and George Mason to name a few. Paul and Jarrad consider the foundation and framing of the Bill of Rights.  We have a new feature for you; Finished Firearms brought to you by Duracoat University. During this week’s segment, Professor Paul explains the origin of the Fire Extinguisher Gun. Thanks for...

Dumb Things on Defensive Pistols | SOTG 1040 show art Dumb Things on Defensive Pistols | SOTG 1040

Student of the Gun Radio

What does Professor Paul consider to be the 3 stupid or detrimental things that gunmakers keep putting on handguns that are supposed to be for self-defense? Why does this keep happening? Is there a solution?  Are you sick of shopping online and have to wade through page after page of “out of stock” items? Brownells feels your pain and has decided to do something about that. During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we consider the newest offering from Smith & Wesson in the concealed carry category. As an added bonus, we remind you about the fighting sights available for...

Voter Integrity Act of 2021 | SOTG 1039 show art Voter Integrity Act of 2021 | SOTG 1039

Student of the Gun Radio

Would you like to live in a Representative Republic again? We must restore accountability and integrity to the election process. We highlight six points or line items that must be in a Voter Integrity Bill in every state in the Union if there is hope for the United States of America. How did nearly 100,000 mail-in ballots end up being sent to the wrong addresses in just one county in Nevada? How many other counties in the United States experienced the same issue? We have a ray of sunlight in an otherwise cloudy world. One Democrat Congressman in South Carolina is standing up to take on the...

Louisiana Residents afraid of Coyotes | SOTG 1038 show art Louisiana Residents afraid of Coyotes | SOTG 1038

Student of the Gun Radio

What happened to cause Louisiana residents to be afraid of coyotes? A news report aired from Jefferson Parish, La and local residents expressed grave concern. We will consider this during our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters. Who experienced their first visit to the Brownells pro shop? Here is a hint, she is the cutest thing on planet Earth. Also, we have good news for rifle shooters. Remember the San Francisco Police Chief who said he wanted crime victims to just be good witnesses? Well, he got his wish one more time. The irony in this story is so thick you can cut it with a knife....

I Will Not Comply | SOTG 1037 show art I Will Not Comply | SOTG 1037

Student of the Gun Radio

You still have a choice, honor the rule of law and live as a free man or submit and live as a slave to the state. Practice this phrase, “I will not comply.” We have some powerful audio from Rep. Madison Cawthorn. You will want to share it.  During our Warrior of the Week question, Professor Paul will address the following statement. “I’m thinking about…”  It is time to stop thinking and to start doing. Why do the ruling class elitists in Washington DC believe that they can ignore the US Constitution and pay no penalty? We will consider the year of obedience that was 2020...

More Episodes

There is still plenty of time to shop for Christmas gifts. During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, Professor Paul has some recommendations for gifts for the freedom loving man or woman in your life. 

During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we will consider an important topic as the mercury drops across the country. How often do you practice shooting while wearing your winter gloves? 

We have yet one more cautionary tale from the glorious People’s Republik of Venezuela. Rather than eating turkeys during the holidays, the victims of 21st Century Socialism have another bird on the table. 

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  • [0:33:00] Venezuelan army starts mining Bitcoin to make ends meet cointelegraph.com
  • [0:40:00] Venezuelans killing flamingos and anteaters to stave off hunger amid mounting food crisis www.foxnews.com
  • [0:48:30] Q&A Session
    • Paul, what kind of mats do you use in your garage so your weights don’t crack the concrete? - Jess Britt
    • I have a friend who’s a sheriff. They taught him to cross his thumbs when pointing a handgun “for retention” if they try to knock it out of your hand. Is there any truth to this? - Robinson Fernandez Jr.
    • Is it ever too late to start lifting? - Steve Bankston


  1. https://youtu.be/YSg4UXWwiwY?t=3s
  2. https://youtu.be/DVLStumDzOE

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From cointelegraph.com:

The regime of Nicolás Maduro continues to lean on crypto to keep economically solvent.

Via Instagram, an engineering brigade of the Venezuelan army inaugurated the new "Digital Assets Production Center of the Bolivarian Army of Venezuela." As the video shows, the center houses various ASIC mining equipment used to crack proof-of-work algorithms.

(Click Here for Full Article)


From www.foxnews.com:

Venezuela’s food crisis has gotten so bad that people are apparently killing pink flamingos and other protected animals in order to stave off hunger.

While flamingo hunting is both illegal and uncommon in the South American nation, investigators from Zulia University in the northwestern Venezuelan city of Maracaibo have noted at least 20 cases of bird carcasses being discovered with their breasts and torsos removed.

And flamingos aren’t the only unusual animal to become a victim of Venezuela’s worsening food crisis. Remains of everything from dogs and cats to donkeys and even giant anteaters have been found in garbage bags at city dumps around the country.

(Click Here for Full Article)