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Building & Scaling Your Business & Teams: Lessons From The Ultimate Entrepreneurs!

theREsource podcast

Release Date: 01/26/2021

2:50 – Plant seeds when the ground is fertile.
6:20 – Spoil your customer & spoil your employee.
14:38 – “I don’t look at experience as a barrier to entry.” – Barry Habib
16:15 – The more we procrastinate, the harder it gets.
17:38 - Barry’s Success Formula
19:33 – Take your money and invest in your brain, training & team!
20:37 – Leveraging younger generations in the business.
25:00 – Common thread all successful people share!
32:00 – The vast majority of people in sales play defense only – it’s up to you set your own agenda.
33:20 – There is no shortage of great ideas, but there is a shortage of people executing great ideas.
35:00 – Fulfillment Principle: Bring people with you as you succeed!


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