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#35 Tough Times Don't Last. People Do.

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Release Date: 03/24/2021

#52 Social Capital gains with Mindful Influence show art #52 Social Capital gains with Mindful Influence

Mindfulness Manufacturing

In manufacturing we get to work on capital budgets for the next assembly line.  In this episode we have a much more interesting conversation with Vivian Blade as she explains what is social capital, and why you should care!  With a background in Lean Six Sigma, she just released her third book Influence in Talent Development, and we are excited to have her on the show as a sought-after leadership expert and thought leader, enjoy!  Check out below the show notes to see how to connect with Vivian and learn more! 1:48 - In the news, is all about the great resignation and trying to...

#51 The Economy and Perspective Taking show art #51 The Economy and Perspective Taking

Mindfulness Manufacturing

With guest Jim Ray!  Mindfulness Manufacturing is grateful Jim got us up and running as a professional podcast production, he saved days of frustration and time.  Check out more on how Jim can support here He is also a great small business consultant so why not have a conversation with him direct, email Jim to set up a time, [email protected]   1:33 - When you look at the economy you have inflation rising, issues with supply chain, it will take a long time to work its way out.   1:51 – People are getting a little nervous, I think that it is at the business level but...

#50 Making the Great Resignation the Great Retention show art #50 Making the Great Resignation the Great Retention

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Debbie Muno of Genos International brings her 25 years of assessment experience and shares her tips to retain team members, making average uncomfortable! 1:17 What can we do about the staff we have today? How do we engage them more?   2:26 The last couple of years have really been a steak in the ground to make life changing decisions.   2:53 What is important in their lives? and how the world of work fits into what is important in their lives.   3:01 Friends that are energized and engaged, has to do with their work and has to do with how they are treated in the workplace.  ...

#49. Staying out of Judgement Mode Michael Forhan Part 2 show art #49. Staying out of Judgement Mode Michael Forhan Part 2

Mindfulness Manufacturing

2:09 Walking in and being judgmental and pointing out all the stuff that is easy, like these guys that are perpetual list makers.   2:55 At Crossover we would not tell you what to do unless we are willing to do it ourselves.   3:32  We are always learning and don’t have all the answers but have enough to get started.   3:53 Holding people accountable is all part of the right outcome.   4:12 "How the heck did they get here?" "What’s so wrong that here’s where we’re at?" "Why did the emotion of a situation get so elevated?"   5:39 Make sure we protect the...

#48 Thermostat or Thermometer? show art #48 Thermostat or Thermometer?

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Michael Forhan Part 1-turning down the heat in a crisis

#47 Raw, Real, and Relevant show art #47 Raw, Real, and Relevant

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Raw, Real, and Relevant with Trevor & Dave  00:00 – Introduction  00:30 – Enjoy the moment and enjoy the new things; Dave Baker will be moving on  01:39 – 3 things known to be true  02:50 – Always be raw, real, and relevant and the rest will take care of itself  03:30 – Editing and Clean up – keeping it real  06:00 – Polished vs. Real  06:33 – Raw defined  07:14 – Real defined  08:56 – Relevant defined  09:50 – Overdoing it  13:28 – When...

#46 Conversations with the mirror; Shades of okay show art #46 Conversations with the mirror; Shades of okay

Mindfulness Manufacturing

If you have not checked out episode 44, head back there when we first had Nikki Langman on as a guest. Grateful to have her back as we look at the stress in the manufacturing industry and how leaning into our core values, and checking in on ourselves, is a great start to build short term and long term resilience!   Link here to her website where you can purchase her book direct!   1:17 What are the core values in the business, that we’re going to stick to no...

#45 Mindfulness Employment: Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water show art #45 Mindfulness Employment: Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Mindful Employment: Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water with Trevor & Dave #45 ______________________________________________ 00:00 - Intro 00:28 – Mindfulness relative to the employment challenges today 02:07 – The “shortage 03:35 – We just need warm bodies 05:08 – The pressure on incumbents to feel valued 06:00 – Values and retaining your culture 06:41 – 6 X 12 workweek and its impact 08:18 – Are we driving our workforce away? 09:12 – Making mindful decisions as an employee and employer 10:56 – Intentionality 10:15 – “If you can label it, you can tame it”...

#44 Your Key to Greater Self-Awareness show art #44 Your Key to Greater Self-Awareness

Mindfulness Manufacturing

The Key to Greater Self-Awareness: The Wet Bathing Suit Question with guest Nikki Langman #44 00:00 - Intro 00:28 – Nikki Langman intro 00:51 – Emotional Intelligence and Safety in manufacturing 03:29 – Safety: the common denominator 03:57 – Safety is a ‘safe’ word – emotional intelligence not so much 05:03 – Taking ‘emotion’ out of the mix 06:02 – Psychological Safety training 07:48 – Results: 86% LTI(Lost Time Injury) reduction! 09:12 – Talking about trust, communication, accountability people make better choices 10:00 – Emotional Intelligence training can save...

#43 Coaching: When You’re Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired show art #43 Coaching: When You’re Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Show Notes:  00:00 - Intro 00:28 – If you’re going to coach others, you may want to look this guy up – Andrew Neitlich! 01:50 – Coaching: a term used rather flippantly 02:47 – What Coaching Is and what it’s Not 06:36 – When to Coach and when not to 08:02 – The most powerful technique to apply in real life 09:11 – The 1, 2, 3 Punch 11:00 – Accountability and powerful Coaching – an example 13:49 – Understanding and being mindful of what’s truly going on 14:43 – Ending a conversation with accountability with new actions 15:58 – “I don’t have time to Coach...

More Episodes

00:00 – Introduction

00:29 – We’re all wound up and need to unpack

01:33 – Rick Ezell; a workplace Chaplain

02:19 – The "boss’s role"

02:46 – Unpacking vs. Venting

03:35 - Work, Personal, and Relational issues

04:25 – The Paradox

05:25 – The impact of time, expertise, and geography

06:11 – The proven need to talk, be reassured, and reminded

08:55 – Listening for the trends

09:30 – Advice for leaders without the luxury of an onsite Chaplaincy service

11:14 – The rules and value of a “listening session”

12:53 – % of conversations at work tend to be about personal and relationships

15:12 – Anecdotal evidence for leader’s job requirements rarely recognized nor assessed

18:00 – The peril of ignoring the non-work-related issues

19:21 – The value of transparency and empathy

21:11 – Healthier people make better employee

24:40 – A manager’s role in partnering with others

26:29 – A renewing of the mind

27:25 – A culture of care and desire for a resource

28:50 – Summary and closure

29:09 – Share your feedback with us

29:43 – End

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